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Tony Cas­tro

XTony Cas­tro, of the epony­mous de­sign firm in Southamp­ton, Eng­land, notes that he and his team of “young heads and older ones” spend most of their time try­ing to cre­ate new fea­tures for their de­signs. That may sound sim­ple on the face of it, but when you look at the re­sults you un­der­stand bet­ter—new ground is be­ing bro­ken here. Take for ex­am­ple the sleek Ga­leon 500 Fly, a mo­to­ry­acht from a Pol­ish builder that, thanks to Cas­tro’s sen­si­bil­i­ties, makes the most of her cock­pit with fold­out side decks and a lazy-su­san-style ro­tat­ing transom set­tee ar­range­ment. But Cas­tro cau­tions that re­spect­ing the sea and what it can throw at you has to play a role. De­signs must be re­al­is­tic and “work” at sea.

Ar­ca­dia Yachts

When I saw Francesco Guida’s de­sign for the Ar­ca­dia 85 for the first time, late in the day at a swel­ter­ing Florida boat show, I ad­mit I was run­ning on fumes. Then the to­tal com­fort of­fered by the shaded af­ter­deck swept over me—it felt like a pool deck at an al­fresco club, late in the day. En­ter­ing the sa­loon, I was met with a vaulted over­head of tinted glass, check­ered with small, square so­lar panels that pro­duced a sun-dap­pled space. The whole ef­fect took things up a notch. If you have your first Ar­ca­dia en­counter with the Sherpa, a 55-footer with a sim­i­lar af­ter­deck treat­ment, you will re­al­ize that Guida and his team are will­ing to throw out all pre­con­cep­tions to get the ef­fect they’re after. If you don’t be­lieve it, sim­ply con­sider the Sherpa’s helm po­si­tion, eas­ily within 10 feet of her bow.

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