Cool-er, Cooler

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Say good­bye to your old cooler and hello to the Coolest Cooler ($450), a por­ta­ble party and a must-have for any and all boat­ing ad­ven­tures. Be­tween the built-in, recharge­able blender and the out­door, splash-proof Blue­tooth speaker, the Coolest Cooler is guar­an­teed to put your old cooler to shame—or on a per­ma­nent stay­ca­tion in the garage. And, of course, the most im­por­tant part of a cooler is its abil­ity to keep your drinks cold. The Coolest Cooler can hold up to 55 quarts and, ac­cord­ing to Coolest, can keep your ice frozen for four to five days. Now where did sum­mer go?—Car­lySis­son

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