Fu­runo CSH-8L Mk2 Scan­ning Sonar

$75,000; fu­runousa.com

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The Fu­runo CSH-8L Mk2 scan­ning sonar sys­tem is a tool de­signed for com­mer­cial fishermen that some hard-core an­glers are adding to their new sport­fish­ing boats. The sys­tem is a full-cir­cle scan­ning sonar that uses a nar­row 85-kilo­hertz beam to de­pict im­ages of fish, bait schools, and chang­ing wa­ter con­di­tions around the boat. Ac­cord­ing to Fu­runo, bait is eas­ily tracked, and fish tar­gets are sep­a­rated from the bot­tom on a 16-color dis­play as the full 360-de­gree sweep of the sonar is up­dated about ev­ery half sec­ond when set to a range of 1,000 feet. The trans­ducer for the CSH-8L Mk2 has 14 lay­ers of el­e­ments, each point­ing in a slightly dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion to al­low full cov­er­age through the sweep with­out re­quir­ing ro­tat­ing parts. The black-box in­stal­la­tion al­lows for flex­i­bil­ity and even place­ment of a sec­ond dis­play and con­trol sta­tion closer to the cock­pit. Fu­runo also points out that the in­stan­ta­neous re­draw and quick scan of the sonar al­low an­glers to track fish as they move around the boat and through the trolling spread. Any­one who has peered into an ar­ray of baits and won­dered what’s hap­pen­ing be­neath the sur­face may be in­ter­ested in see­ing what the com­mer­cial fishermen are look­ing at when they de­cide to close up their purse seines.

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