One Tool Box Is Never Enough

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If you’re plan­ning a big job on your boat, you’re go­ing to be us­ing a num­ber of tools and other items. You’ll be us­ing stuff de­voted to electrics—you know, like a mul­ti­me­ter, a ter­mi­nal crimper, ca­ble ties, a col­lec­tion of spade, ring, and snap-plug con­nec­tors—and other things for fiber­glass and its re­pair, like bot­tles of epoxy resin and hard­ener, ace­tone, wo­ven rov­ing and a pas­sel of ad­he­sives and caulk­ing materials. And you’ll most likely need me­chan­i­cal stuff like wrenches, sock­ets and screw­drivers. You get the idea here, I’m sure. Just re­cently I had the op­por­tu­nity to visit a boat re­hab project whose mae­stro had, over time, with­out any ap­par­ent pre­med­i­ta­tion on his part, mixed and mar­i­nated all the above-men­tioned para­pher­na­lia within his boat in the same way that a chef com­bines and tosses the ingredients of a salad in a giant mix­ing bowl. In­deed, a hang­ing locker on the guy’s boat was lit­er­ally over­flow­ing with a mélange of paint cans, wrenches, faucets, tubes of poly­sul­fide ad­he­sive, rub­ber gloves, and out­dated op­er­a­tor’s man­u­als.

The re­sult? As you’d imag­ine, the siz­able and truly sig­nif­i­cant project the poor guy had em­barked upon was suf­fer­ing in two se­ri­ous ways. First, just find­ing the ap­pro­pri­ate tool or prod­uct was im­mensely time con­sum­ing for him—so he’d got­ten way be­hind sched­ule and was be­gin­ning to feel some fi­nan­cial pres­sure due to his time and cost over­runs. And then, a cloud of frus­tra­tion was gath­er­ing over the guy’s head quite omi­nously, pri­mar­ily be­cause he was wear­ing him­self out and driv­ing him­self crazy by hav­ing to con­stantly paw through his boat look­ing for an item he’d al­ready had to hunt down a hun­dred times be­fore. Is there a fix for such a grim sce­nario? Yes, there is—mul­ti­ple tool­boxes, each la­beled in pre­cise ac­cord with its con­tents. And heck, we’re not talk­ing gold-plated equipment here. We’re talk­ing rel­a­tively small, in­ex­pen­sive, plas­tic boxes that are of­ten seen on sale at the lo­cal hard­ware store, which you la­bel with des­ig­na­tions like “Electrics” and “Plumb­ing,” us­ing a Sharpie.

A word to the wise, how­ever. Be­fore you run out and buy a bunch of plas­tic tool­boxes or stor­age con­tain­ers (with lids) and be­gin fill­ing them—and in­deed, be­fore you even be­gin work on your big, boat-re­lated project—sit down and clearly in­ven­tory all the tools and other para­pher­na­lia you have on board. And then, with just as much calm and clar­ity, sort each item into the ap­pro­pri­ate box and stow or stack all the boxes in some cen­tral, con­ve­nient lo­ca­tion. Will do­ing all this cost you some ex­tra time at the on­set of your big project? Most cer­tainly. But you’ll make it up in spades as things progress. And, with any luck, you’ll man­age to ac­com­plish what you set out to do with­out even com­ing close to driv­ing your­self nuts. — Capt. Bill Pike

Hav­ing the right tool for the job only works if you can find it.

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