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PMY: How does your pas­sion for boat­ing and busi­ness feed in­no­va­tion?

SEAN WILKES: Grow­ing up in South Florida, boat­ing was al­ways a big part of my life. I re­mem­ber my dad tow­ing our first boat down the drive­way and the look on my mom’s face when she re­al­ized it wasn’t a joke. From that mo­ment on though, she knew get­ting on our boat was the one thing that got us away from the TV. Boat­ing taught my broth­ers and me valu­able lessons. Like mak­ing sure to put the bilge plug back in be­fore you put the boat in the wa­ter; and the “max ca­pac­ity” sticker isn’t just a rec­om­men­da­tion. When film­ing, I’m ob­sessed with in­for­ma­tion. I want to get into the mind of the de­sign­ers to un­der­stand why they built the boat the way they did. I’ll stay up late the night be­fore a shoot just comb­ing through the specs mak­ing sure I know ev­ery­thing I can. It’s a se­ri­ous pas­sion, and I think that is what breeds in­no­va­tion. It’s not the new­est

drone or ex­pen­sive cam­era gear. It’s the love for what you do that drives you into cre­at­ing the next big thing.” PMY: How will your prod­ucts change to meet the needs of the evolv­ing mar­ket­place?

SEAN WILKES: From a video pro­duc­tion stand­point, I can tell you that’s a con­stant con­cern. I’m al­ways won­der­ing what our next move is. And new gear isn’t al­ways the so­lu­tion. Some­times it’s not about chang­ing the prod­uct, but chang­ing how you dis­trib­ute it. For ex­am­ple, a few years ago, we used to only post to YouTube. But once Face­book’s plat­form was changed to start ac­cept­ing and mar­ket­ing video, it was a game changer. We saw huge in­creases in view­er­ship and en­gage­ment. Also, we quickly re­al­ized that Face­book was much more valu­able con­sid­er­ing you could tar­get spe­cific de­mo­graph­ics. And now, it’s one of our big­gest weapons

PMY: What lessons from the past helped move your busi­ness for­ward?

SEAN WILKES: Film­ing yachts can be tricky. We re­cently had an air­line mis­place most of our gear over­seas. Ob­vi­ously, this is com­pletely out of our con­trol. We ended up hav­ing to squeeze three days of film­ing into one. Start­ing from scratch and al­ter­ing the whole process proved nec­es­sary to get the job done. Thank­fully, ev­ery­thing worked out, but there’s a les­son in there. It’s one that al­ways finds it’s way to the sur­face. No mat­ter how much you pre­pare, some­thing is bound to hap­pen that you didn’t plan for. It will force you to pivot, and you have to be ready for that mo­ment. That goes for ship­yards, yacht firms, bro­kers, and es­pe­cially con­tent cre­ators like me.

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