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Our win­ner is pre­sented in great con­di­tion for an 18-year-old Thor­ough­bred. He is the stur­di­est of the group, as he ex­hibits the least num­ber of po­ten­tial sound­ness is­sues.

He shows a kind ex­pres­sion and in­tel­li­gent eye. He has plenty of mouth length for good bit sen­si­tiv­ity, but his thick muz­zle is coarse with a small nos­tril.

I love his neck length and shape, but it ties in low onto his shoul­der. This cre­ates mus­cle fa­tigue. He has good shoul­der ar­range­ment with ad­e­quate length and slope, a deep heart girth for good lung ca­pac­ity, an am­ple bar­rel and a short, strong topline. His withers are a bit low, which makes sad­dle sta­bil­ity dif­fi­cult.

His fore­arm is short com­pared to the can­non bone, mak­ing his stride less ef­fi­cient. He is also a touch over at the knee, but the short can­non and de­cent pastern length should com­pen­sate for that.

This geld­ing’s weak­est fea­ture is his hindquar­ter. It’s quite short in length with a post-legged align­ment, which lim­its stride length and power from the rear-en­gine com­part­ment.

How­ever, I feel for long-term sound­ness, as ev­i­denced by age, he looks to be the best gam­ble of the group.

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