Ex­er­cise 3: Jump on a Cir­cle

Practical Horseman - - The Ride Of Your Life -

Set a ver­ti­cal , 2–3 feet high with ground lines on both sides, where you have enough room to in­cor­po­rate it into a 40-foot cir­cle.

At this point, be­cause I’ve fo­cused on the fence and tuned in to my nat­u­ral feel, I’ve got­ten a sense for how the dis­tance is go­ing to work. I raise my eyes to look over the jump to­ward my con­tin­u­ing cir­cu­lar track, al­low­ing my in­stincts to take over and make any nec­es­sary ad­just­ment to ar­rive at a com­fort­able take­off spot.

I can­tered on the cir­cle, track­ing to just in­side the ver­ti­cal (not shown). I fo­cused on the track and used my reins and legs to pre­vent Likely from bulging to the out­side or cut­ting to the in­side. Now, I’ve widened the cir­cle to in­clude the jump, think­ing, “no cut, no bulge, stay for­ward!” I turn my head to fo­cus on the jump.

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