2016 was a mess to a lot of folks, 2017 is go­ing to rock!

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Nor­mally this col­umn, Let­ter Rip, is the last thing com­pleted be­fore it goes pub­lic, or to “press”. Restart­ing the Pub­lic News has been as ex­cit­ing for us as much as it will be for you, our fine read­ers, to con­sume.

The lat­est de­lay was due to me, the pub­lisher, also known as the guy who writes this col­umn. It was not so much about writ­ers block, which is was prob­a­bly 40% of the prob­lem, but about po­lit­i­cal block. The fear of piss­ing off our read­ers who do not like our pol­i­tics. Granted I did not vote for Mr. Trump (gi­ant sigh of re­lief from the left) but at the same time I did not vote for Ms Clin­ton ei­ther (mas­sive knaw­ing of teeth from the left). Was this a sur­prise to you? I did vote but not for the two very flawed can­di­dates that the ma­jor par­ties were able to fling to­gether. Come on, Bernie San­ders was the only other Demo­crat to chal­lange Clin­ton?

So what is our po­lit­i­cal bend, if we had one? It would be as a Con­sti­tu­tional Con­ser­va­tive. No­tice I did not say Re­pub­li­can or Demo­crat? The rea­son be­ing is the both par­ties are bought and sold to the high­est bid­der. They are es­tab­lish­ment par­ties, ex­ist­ing only to en­slave the masses via ex­ces­sive tax­a­tion and reg­u­la­tions. That is tax­a­tion and reg­u­la­tions that the es­tab­lish­ment ex­cempt them­selves from. After all, the elites (slang for the es­tab­lish­ment) be­lieve that all are equal, just some are more equal than oth­ers, mean­ing the rank and file, lit­tle peo­ple (or as Clin­ton called us all, the de­plorables).

We have got to get a clue and stop vot­ing in th­ese wolves. Con­gress­men Kevin Brady and Con­gress­woman Shiela Jack­son Lee are two stripes from the same ze­bra. Some are get­ting the hint and did two things, stayed home on election day or voted third party.

Now that the Com­mis­sion of Pres­i­den­tial De­bates got their hands slapped for stack­ing the deck against third par­ties, maybe there is still hope for this coun­try.

For the record, we bend Lib­er­tar­ian.

Ken Petty

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