Is ban­ning things go­ing to make Amer­ica great?

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Would you sup­port ban­ning com­put­ers from Amer­ica? How about oil?

It’s in­sane to keep the tools of pro­duc­tiv­ity out of Amer­ica. But U.S. im­mi­gra­tion pol­icy is do­ing just that, and Don­ald J. Trump seems dead set on mak­ing it worse.

The most valu­able re­source on earth is highly skilled la­bor. Highly skilled la­bor turns 40 cents worth of plas­tic and metal into an iPad. It turns a lit­tle more plas­tic and metal into an MRI or PET ma­chine. It turns a few knives and power tools into life sav­ing surgery.

Skilled work­ers dine at restau­rants, buy cloth­ing, and sup­port many other busi­nesses. They of­ten even­tu­ally start busi­nesses and cre­ate jobs.

If Trump re­ally wants to put Amer­ica first, he will do ev­ery­thing he can to bring highly skilled la­bor here, in­stead of con­tin­u­ing on his lu­natic plan to cur­tail our sup­ply of hu­man cap­i­tal.

1. Elim­i­nate the H1 cap en­tirely. Stop keep­ing out skilled work­ers, job cre­ators, and en­trepreneurs who cre­ate jobs.

2. Re­move the in­sane laws that pre­vent doc­tors trained in the UK, Ger­many, Switzer­land, Korea, Ja­pan, Canada, and other ad­vanced coun­tries from prac­tic­ing medicine here (un­less they ful­fill the im­pos­si­ble and pre­pos­ter­ous re­quire­ment to redo their res­i­den­cies) lit­er­ally costs lives while driv­ing up the price of health­care.

Re­move those laws, and let’s save lives and money.

In­stead of out­sourc­ing jobs, let’s in­source the skilled work­ers that do those jobs. In­stead of hav­ing com­puter pro­gram­mers in Asia spend money at busi­nesses in Asia, let’s bring them here and let them spend that money here. They’re work­ing for Amer­i­can com­pa­nies any­way. They are “tak­ing jobs” any­way. Why not al­low them to also pa­tron­ize Amer­i­can busi­nesses?

Let’s stop keep­ing out great cus­tomers and job cre­ators. Let’s put Amer­ica first by bring­ing the best and bright­est here.

Arvin Vohra

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