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Public News (Houston) - - PUBLIC NEWS CD REVIEWS - By Robert Cas­tro

Every once in a while, an al­bum comes along that re-awak­ens you to a genre; it presents a new out­look on the way mu­sic is de­fined. Hous­ton's own Day of Reck­on­ing's first EP INTO THE FIRE PART 1 has some fans in­clud­ing my­self want­ing to lick up every sin­gle note and verse and turn­ing it up to 11 so the whole neigh­bor- hood can hear how amaz­ing th­ese guys. Days of Reck­on­ing are a de­par­ture from tra­di­tional “Thrash Metal in­tro­duc­ing com­plex vo­cals, rhythms and melodies that would feel at home in a metal song.

Rusty Coo­ley is the mas­ter­mind be­hind this new band. I have known Rusty for over 30 years; He was the kid that won at every­thing, (and we hated it lol) I was around when he first picked up the gui­tar. I have never met some­one as ded­i­cated as him. We be­gan to think he moved away as we never seen him on the streets hang­ing out with us any­more. But no he was just inside per­fect­ing his craft. But he also gives back and still to this day still teaches classes to those want­ing to learn the craft.

The tech­ni­cal qual­ity of this al­bum is ex­cel­lent. It seems that Rock­ers have fi­nally risen from the stigma that to be metal, one's mu­sic qual­ity has to be murky. The guitars from Rusty Coo­ley and Matt Hough and Michael Mil­sap, are pris­tine yet bru­tal; pump­ing out spine tin­gling riffs and runs) while the vo­cals from (Brad Lam­bert) are dis­torted, pow­er­ful and vi­cious.

The thun­der­ing drums from (Jared Sandhy) are bal­anced won­der­fully with the rest of the in­stru­ments. He plays with the flair and author­ity needed to sup­port such an amaz­ing en­sem­ble of mu­si­cians

The songs them­selves reach new highs. With ti­tles like The Voice of Mor­gan Free­man, and Left to Fol­low this al­bum is truly epic. Be­sides the ab­so­lute bru­tal and hair-rais­ing mu­si­cal as­pects, the lyrics are elo­quent and po­etic. Though a “party hard,” rock ‘n roller on the out­side, Brad Lam­bert is a very thought­ful and well­spo­ken vo­cal­ist.

This was mas­ter­fully pro­duced, beau­ti­fully per­formed and catchy as hell. If you're into death metal, speed metal, groovin' metal rhythms or phe­nom­e­nal drums, you NEED to check this al­bum out.

click on the im­age to see Day Of Reck­on­ing per­form “The Voice of Mor­gan Free­man”

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