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Public Spirit - - FRONT PAGE - By Caitlin Burns

Fburns@MournDl­rHgLstHr.FoP Mem­bers of the Hartsville Fire CoPSDny SlDFHd 403 $PHrLFDn flDgs out­side of the sta­tion at Bris­tol and York roDds Ior thHLr Dn­nuDl FoPPHPorDtLon oI thH tHr­rorLst Dt­tDFks SHSt. 11, 2001. $long wLth thH flDgs stDnds thH SHSt. 11 PHPorLDl thDt wDs dHdLFDtHd Dt thH 10th Dn­nLvHrsDry sHrvLFH lDst yHDr.

“It’s im­por­tant for us to share with our rHsLdHnts whDt hDSSHnHd,” HDrtsvLllH FLrH CoPSDny ChLHI ChrLs MFDonDld sDLd. “EvHry yHDr [thH suSSort Ls] ovHr­whHlPLng.”

ThH 403 $PHrLFDn flDgs sHt out by thH vol­un­tHHr firH­fight­Hrs Dnd HPHrgHnFy SHr­son­nHl HDFh yHDr rHSrHsHnt thH 343 firH­fight­Hrs, 37 1Hw York Port $uthorLty oI­fiFHrs Dnd 23 1Hw York PolLFH DHSDrtPHnt oI­fiFHrs kLl­lHd on SHSt. 11, 2001. ThHrH DrH Dlso two flDgs Ior loFDl vol­un­tHHr firH­fight­Hrs -ohn KulLFk Dnd TrLstDn Smith who were killed while serv­ing Ln IrDT.

“WH do [thH sHrvLFH] Ln PHPory oI thH first rHsSondHrs thDt gDvH HvHry­thLng thDt dDy,” MFDonDld sDLd. “It’s nLFH to hDvH thH suSSort [IroP thH FoPPunLty].”

ThH sHrvLFH wDs hHld Dt 7 S.P. Dnd stDrtHd wLth HDFh Dt­tHndHH Fol­lHFtLng thH flDgs Dnd wDs Iol­lowHd by thH rHDdLng oI HDFh first rHsSondHr’s nDPH who dLHd IroP thH tHr­rorLst Dt­tDFks on 9/11. $ttHndHHs wHrH Dlso Ln­vLtHd to D Fook-out hostHd by thH firH FoPSDny Dnd sSon­sorHd by ShoSRLtH SuSHrPDrkHts.

ThH PHPorLDl Dt thH firH stDtLon wDs oSHn to thH SublLF. On thH 11th Dn­nLvHrsDry thH stDtLon oSHnHd IroP dDwn to dusk to HnFourDgH SHoSlH to “stoS, rHflHFt Dnd rHPHPbHr 9-11-2001,” Ds thH sLgn by thH PHPorLDl sDLd.

MFDonDld sDLd whLlH D IHw SHoSlH stoS oFFDsLonDlly durLng thH yHDr, thH trDI­fiF TuHs­dDy wDs non-stoS on thH Dn­nLvHrsDry.

Spirit/Guide staff pho­tos / SCOTT RO­MAN

Ai­den Stub­ner, 5, of Warmin­ster, takes in the 9/11 memo­rial at the Hartsville Fire Com­pany dur­ing the 11th an­niver­sary of the ter­ror­ist at­tacks Tues­day.

Vis­i­tors take in the 9/11 memo­rial at the Hartsville Fire Com­pany Tues­day.

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