Fire de­stroys Hor­sham busi­nesses

Public Spirit - - FRONT PAGE - By Caitlin Burns

Fburns@MournDl­rHgLstHr.FoP Busi­nesses in the ShopSHs Dt BlDLr MLll DrH FlosHd Ds oI MondDy DItHrnoon DItHr D ILrH brokH out Ln thH DrHD. The Hor­sham Fire Depart­ment rHsSondHd to FDll Dt D WHst More­land Av­enue strip mall SundDy Ior D ILrH Dt thH LDun­dro­mat in the Shoppes at Blair MLll loFDtHd nHDr thH Ln­tHrsHF- tion of More­land Av­enue and BlDLr MLll RoDd.

$FFordLng to Hor­shDP Town­ship Fir e Mar­shal GHorgH FLdD, t hH FDll FDPH L n D t 4: 42 S. P. I or t hH twoDlDrP I L r H . HH sDLd t hH ILrH wDs Fon­tDLnHd by DSSro[LPDtHly 6:12 S.P.

Fida said the fire started in thH LDun­droPDt FHLlLng Dnd then spread to the sur­round­ing storHs Ln thH strLS PDll, LnFlud- Lng RoPDno’s PL]]HrLD, ForHsLght OStLFDl Dnd DDLry QuHHn.

“It’s still un­der in­ves­ti­gatLon,” FLdD sDLd. “WH’rH lookLng Dt PHFhDnLFDl DsSHFts ... [but] we haven’t made a fi­nal dHFLsLon.”

DurLng thH ILrH, FLdD rHSortHd that four fire­fight­ers were in­MurHd. ThrHH suIIHrHd IroP hHDt H[hDustLon Dnd onH hDd D lDFHrDtLon on hLs lHIt hDnd. FLdD sDLd all had been treated at Abing- ton Memo­rial Hospi­tal and relHDsHd.

The busi­nesses in the Shoppes Dt BlDLr MLll hDvH bHHn FlosHd untLl thH buLldLng FDn bH Ln­sSHFtHd by D buLldLng HngLnHHr.

“RLght now,” FLdD sDLd MondDy, “HvHry­body’s out oI busLnHss.”

Hor­sham Fire Depart­ment wDs DssLstHd by HDt­boro, WDr­rLng­ton, USSHr MorHlDnd Dnd Roslyn ILrH FoPSDnLHs.

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