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To the ed­i­tor:

I re­call read­ing sev­eral months ago a long, whiny ar­ti­cle by your colum­nist, Ted Tay­lor, won­der­ing why, if you need to show ID to pur­chase things, get on an air­plane, etc., then why shouldn’t peo­ple have to pro­duce an ID to vote?

Al­though there are no ac­tual cases of voter im­per­son­ation, the new Voter ID

law will, ac­cord­ing to Ted, pre­serve our most cher­ished right to hon­est elec­tions. Not let­ting facts get in the way of a good col­umn, Ted cited voter fraud in Texas and Illi­nois as val­i­da­tion for Voter ID. (Af­ter fact-check­ing these al­leged fraud­u­lent events — the 1960 elec­tion won by JFK — it turns out the al­leged fraud was not com­mit­ted by the vot­ers, but by the vote coun­ters at the polls. A voter ID law would not have pre­vented those mis­counts.)

The fol­low­ing week, by way of let­ters to the ed­i­tor, sev­eral read­ers called out Ted on his voter ID stance, and that seemed to put him in his place. Since then I can’t re­call any “hot-but­ton” top­ics in his col­umns, but rather they have all veered to­ward good old fash­ioned, aw-shucks, folksy is­sues.

It was in­ter­est­ing then to read Mr. Tay­lor’s col­umn this week when he be­moans the fact that his wife was pre­vented from get­ting a med­i­cal pro­ce­dure be­cause she didn’t have the re­quired doc­tor’s re­fer­ral. Ad­mit­tedly, the “bride” as Ted refers to his wife, for­got to bring the re­fer­ral with her, but she asked for treat­ment any­way. Just do­ing her job though, the clerk (who Ted be­lit­tled as look­ing like “she had been weaned on a pickle”) rightly re­fused to ad­mit “the bride” un­til she could pro­duce the re­quired doc­u­men­ta­tion. Ap­par­ently put out by such a friv­o­lous and un­nec­es­sary re­quire­ment, Ted har­rumphs his way through to the end of his col­umn, cit­ing an empty re­cep­tion desk at their fol­low-up ap­point­ment (it was 6:10 p.m. and af­ter hours, Ted!), com­plain­ing about “old pub­li­ca­tions” in the wait­ing room (bring a book next time, Ted) and wel­com­ing us “to the fu­ture of health­care” (the fu­ture is, and has been here for a while now, Ted).

I re­ally, re­ally doubt that the Tay­lors were per­pe­trat­ing a fraud, but one never knows for sure un­til the proper doc­u­ments can be pro­duced. Sure, this was not the first time they vis­ited this fa­cil­ity and the clerk prob­a­bly knew this was a sim­ple over­sight, but rules are rules and they were en­forced to the let­ter.

Now carry this over to the thou­sands of Penn­syl­va­nia vot­ers who will not have the re­quired doc­u­men­ta­tion this Novem­ber and who will not be able to vote at the very same polling places they have been vot­ing at for years and where they are known by poll work­ers. I re­ally, re­ally doubt that these folks will be fraud­u­lently vot­ing (and risk­ing jail time), and I won­der: af­ter get­ting a sense of what some of these vot­ers will be go­ing through, will Mr. Tay­lor write about their plight? Terry McNa­mara


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