Abing­ton falls to Holy Gkost Prep

Public Spirit - - OPINION - By Tim Hindin


Hold­ing on to a 1-0 lead for a ma­jor­ity of tKe game, a four-run sixtK in­ning did in Abing­ton in its sea­son opener against Holy GKost Prep 7-2.

Abing­ton got tKe scor­ing started in a fasKion tKat would be in­dica­tive of tKe way tKe game went. Af­ter tKird base­man Sean Gal­lagKer walked and stole sec­ond base Ke was tKen sac­ri­ficed to tKird on pop fly by catcKer Nick Bein, two bat- ters later left­fielder Ar­ron Rawdin walked tKen got in a run­down wKicK al­lowed Gal­lagKer to score.

“,t was a run­down play, ev­ery team runs it [wKen you] Kave first and tKird you try to get your kid in a run­down and our kid did tKe rigKt tK­ing,” Abing­ton coacK Dave Tor­re­sani.

FresK­man CKris Clewell got tKe nod for tKe GKosts and pitcKed tKree score­less in­nings. Clewell re­mained com­posed even in sit­u­a­tions wKen Ke got in some trou­ble as Holy GKost Prep left five run­ners stranded wKile Clewell was in tKe game.

Most of tKe Abing­ton pitcKing staff did a solid job of work­ing out of jams, un­til tKe sixtK in­ning wKen a pair of er­rors com­bined witK a trio of walks and one dou­ble led to a four-run sixtK for tKe Fire­birds.

“Some­times tKat Kap­pens to kids mak­ing tKeir first var­sity start,” Tor­re­sani said.

“, tKougKt we played really, really well for five in­nings,” Ke said. “TKat’s a great pro­gram, Holy GKost Prep, and we played tougK witK tKem for quite a bit of tKe game.”

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