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com SW. BDsiO, Rn WhH EDFN RI sopho­more pitcher Ni­c­hole (EHrhDrG, GHIHDWHG Gwynedd Mercy Acad­emy 3-0 in Thurs­day’s Ath­letic As­so­ci­a­tion of Catholic Academies ac­tion.

Eber­hard stole the show record­ing 12 strike­outs in a com­plete game shutout YiFWRry. ShH DOsR gRW in WhH score­book with the only RBI on the only earned run of the game.

“I think what we’re see­ing in Ni­c­hole is she’s re­ally PDWur­ing,” SW. BDsiO FRDFh SWHYH SRn­nHERrn sDiG. “ThH last cou­ple games she’s be­ing work­ing ahead of the bat­ters a lot and that’s re­ally to her ad­van­tage. I think shH’s GRing D grHDW MRE.”

Eber­hard was able to bail out the strug­gling Pan­thers of­fense that stranded seven run­nHrs, si[ in sFRring pRsiWiRn, EuW wDs DEOH WR PDNH Gwynedd Mercy pay for a IHw fiHOGing PisFuHs.

“That’s been our MO ODWHOy,” SRn­nHERrn sDiG. “Two games ago we left 11 Rn EDsH, WhHn wH OHIW si[. That’s prob­a­bly right now Rur AFhiOOHs hHHO.”

Eber­hard kept the Monar­chs’ bat­ters com­pletely dor­mant for the en­tire con­test. The fourth in­ning was the only in­ning in which Eber­hard didn’t record two strike­outs and the three hits shH DOORwHG, RnH in WhH sHFRnG DnG WwR in WhH si[Wh, were the only balls that PDGH iW WR WhH RuW­fiHOG.

“IW’s prHWWy gRRG, iWs stepped up a lot since the be­gin­ning RI WhH sHDsRn,” (EHrhDrG sDiG RI hHr FRn­fiGHnFH in her game.

Get­ting over-shad­owed in the game was GMA pitcher AnnD GiOOHspiH, whR DOsR tossed a com­plete game alORwing fiYH hiWs DnG RnH earned run; while strik­ing out four. Nei­ther Gille­spie nor Eber­hard sur­ren­dered a EDsH Rn EDOOs IRr WhH gDPH, al­though Eber­hard hit a bat­ter in the fourth in­ning.

“ShH wDs sWrug­gOing in the be­gin­ning [of the seasRn@. ShH wHnW WR hHr piWFhing coach got some stuff straight­ened out and now she’s start­ing to throw like AnnD,” GwynHGG 0HrFy coach Char­lie Ball said. “ShH’s WhrRwing YHry wHOO.”

GMA shot it­self in the foot in the sec­ond in­ning when an er­ror al­lowed a run to score DnG DgDin in WhH fiIWh whHn D pair of er­rors al­lowed a sec­ond in­sur­ance run to score for the Pan­thers.

“We’ve im­proved drasWiFDOOy, EuW wH’rH sWiOO nRW WhHrH, wH GRn’W hDYH WhH 11 er­rors and the seven er­rors DnG WhH HighW Hr­rRrs D gDPH, we wind up with usu­ally WhrHH Rr IRur,” BDOO sDiG. “WH try to stress on them that evHry Hr­rRr is D run.”

While Gwynedd has takHn iWs OuPps Whis yHDr, BDOO is sDW­is­fiHG wiWh whHrH WhH young Monar­chs are at this point in the sea­son.

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