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Floral Garden

Floral Garden COMPLETING THE QUILT Refer to the Placement Diagram for positionin­g of all quilt components for all steps. Arrange and join three Nine-Patch blocks with two Hexie Flower blocks to make an X row; press seams toward Hexie Flower blocks. Repeat to make a total of four X rows. Arrange and join three Hexie Flower blocks with two Nine-Patch blocks to make a Y row; press seams toward the Hexie Flower blocks. Repeat to make a total of three Y rows. Join the X and Y rows to complete the quilt center; press seams in one direction. Join the D strips on the short ends to make a long strip; press. Subcut strip into two 6" x 421/2" D strips. Sew a D strip to opposite long sides of the quilt center; press seams toward the D strips. Sew the E strips to the top and bottom of the quilt center; press seams toward the E strips. Place prepared hexagons on the D and E strips aligned with the Nine-Patch blocks referring to Figure 11; pin or apply glue stick to hold in place. 3. before pulling out to take the next stitch (Figure I). Stitches should not show. Pin the cut shape in position on the background. 1. Note: If you intend to do a lot of hand appliqué you may want to invest in some appliqué pins which are much smaller and finer than a regular pin. 4. 2. Turn in the fabric edge along the outer edge of the stitched line (Figure K). Blind-stitch the piece in place as you turn the edge in a little at a time (Figure L). 3. Figure I 4. TURNED- EDGE APPLIQUÉ 1. Prepare a template for the appliqué shape without seam allowance from Mylar template plastic or freezer paper. Trace around shape onto the right side of the fabric using a fine-point pencil. Cut out the shape 1/4" beyond the marked line. Use thread to match the fabric to machine-stitch on the outside edge of the marked line (Figure J). Clip edges as shown in Figure D. 5. Figure K 2. 6. 4" 1/ Figure L DD Figure J Figure 11 7. Center and secure a prepared hexagon in each corner. 107 Springtime Quilts May 2019 QUILTERSWO­RLD. COM

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