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Pressing: Rotary cutting: between the lengthwise and crosswise grain lines. Pressing is the process of placing the iron on the fabric, lifting it off the fabric and placing it down in another location to flatten seams or crease fabric without sliding the iron across the fabric. Quilters do not usually use steam when pressing, since it can easily distort fabric shapes. Generally, seam allowances are pressed toward the darker fabric in quilting so that they do not show through the lighter fabric. Seams are pressed in opposite directions where seams are being joined to allow seams to butt against each other and to distribute bulk. Seams are pressed open when multiple seams come together in one place. If you have a question about pressing direction, consult a comprehens­ive quilting guide for guidance. A sandwich of two layers of fabric with a third insulating material between them that is then stitched together with the edges covered or bound. Stitching several layers of fabric materials together with a decorative design. Stippling, crosshatch, channel, in-the-ditch, free-motion, allover and meandering are all terms for quilting designs. • Using a rotary cutting blade and straighted­ge to cut fabric. Strips of fabric sewn between blocks to separate or set off the designs. A second cutting of strips that makes the basic shapes used in block and quilt constructi­on. A pattern made from a sturdy material which is then used to trace and cut shapes for patchwork and appliqué quilting. Sashing: • grain Subcut: • grain e e g a lv e se g a lv e s ag lv se ag lv se Template: • e s i w h t ge ns lw e i h t g n e l e bi as bi as QUILTING SKILL LEVELS Beginner: • A quilter who has been introduced to the basics of cutting, piecing and assembling a quilt top and is working to master these skills. Someone who has the knowledge of how to sandwich, quilt and bind a quilt, but may not have necessaril­y accomplish­ed the task yet. A quilter who has pieced and assembled several quilt tops and is comfortabl­e with the process, and is now ready to move on to more challengin­g techniques and projects using at least two different techniques. A quilter who is comfortabl­e with most quilting techniques and has a good understand­ing for design, color and the whole process. A quilter who is experience­d in paper piecing, bias piecing and projects involving multiple techniques. Someone who is confident in making fabric selections other than those listed in the pattern. A quilter who is looking for a challengin­g design. Someone who knows she or he can make any type of quilt. Someone who has the skills to read, comprehend and complete a pattern, and is willing to take on any technique. A quilter who is comfortabl­e in her or his skills and has the ability to select fabric suited to the project. Straight & Bias Grain Lines Straight & Bias Grain Lines Mitered corners: • Matching borders or turning bindings at a 45-degree angle at corners. Patchwork: • A general term for the completed blocks or quilts that are made from smaller shapes sewn together. This may refer to the design of a fabric or to the written instructio­ns for a particular quilt design. The act of sewing smaller pieces and/or units of a block or quilt together. Paper or foundation piecing is sewing fabric to a paper or cloth foundation in a certain order. Quilt (noun): Confident Beginner: • • Pattern: • Piecing: Quilt (verb): • • Intermedia­te: • 1 2 3 4 Meandering Meandering StitchStit­chinthein ditchthedi­tch Meandering­Meandering­StitchStit­chinthein ditchthedi­tch Stitch-in-the-ditch Advanced: • Foundation Piecing String or chain piecing is sewing pieces together in a continuous string without clipping threads between sections. OutlineCha­nnelOutlin­eChannel OutlineCha­nnelOutlin­eChannel Channel Outline Quilt sandwich: • A layering of insulating material between a quilt’s top and backing fabric. String or Chain Piecing QW 112 Springtime Quilts QUILTER’S WORLD PRESENTS: Mayy 2019

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