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Project Gallery

ANNIE’S VIDEO CLASSES Color speci cations: created 8/12, revised 7/13 A art, pantone uncoated (below) ( with the DRG corporate logo usage attempt.) Annie’s Logo Purple: Pantone: 268C, GOE Medium Purple C82, M100, K12 RGB: R82, G43, B133 Hexadecima­l: 522b85 Logo next to stacked tagline Pantone uncoated (below) Make a Stained Glass Quilt With Precuts Instructor tagline Nancy McNally Pantone Annie’s Pantone: Cool Gray 9 U CMYK: 60K RGB: R130, G131, B134 Hexadecima­l: 828386 Logo Gray: Make a Stained Glass Quilt With Precuts 4 color process (below) Black (below) In this informativ­e video class you’ll learn how to: • Save time using precut fabric strips • Plan your fabric colors to maximize the stained glass effect • Sew and press strip sets • Cut the blocks into right and left triangles • Arrange and sew the triangles into pinwheel blocks • Assemble the blocks into an eye-catching pattern • Add the borders a work of art with this stunning stained glass quilt! Create White (below) Minimum allowed sizes Pantone uncoated (below) 4 color process (below) Logo alone Pantone uncoated (below) 4 color process (below) ® Black (below) Craft AnniesOnli­neClasses.com Store QDV15 Make a Stained Glass Quilt With Precuts Black (below) White (below) White (below)

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