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Pick A Bouquet

Pick a Bouquet DESIGNED & QUILTED BY DENISE RUSSELL OF PIECED BRAIN Quilted Cake Dome SPECIFICAT­IONS Skill Level: Confident Beginner Dome Size: Approximat­ely 8" tall x 123/4" in diameter Make this cake dome for your next family picnic. 4. MATERIALS MAKING THE LEAVES Press seams open in the floral print and stabilizer domes. Finger- press seams open in the laminated cotton dome. 1. Prepare template for the leaf shape using the pattern given. Place the template on the batting rectangle and trace; repeat to trace a total of five times, spacing as shown in Figure 2. • 2 (21/2" by fabric width) strips binding fabric 15 (2" x 31/2") rectangles assorted prints for petals 8" x 11" rectangle light green solid for leaves 4" x 5" rectangle brown solid 2/3 yard floral print for outer dome 2/3 yard laminated cotton for lining 5" x 7" rectangle batting Thread 3 (10") lengths heavy pearl cotton or narrow ribbon in 3 different colors for top loop 3 (3/4") cover buttons 20" x 30" fabric stabilizer Template material Large-eye decorator’s needle Fabric glue Walking foot Basic sewing tools and supplies 2. Note: Do not use an iron on the laminated cotton. The plastic will melt. • • 5. Place the stabilizer dome inside the floral print dome, aligning seams. Place the laminated cotton lining dome inside with wrong side against the stabilizer. Fit your machine with a walking foot. Starting at the outer edge of the dome, machine-quilt from the edge to the center top using a straight stitch. Trim layers even at edge if necessary. Join binding strips on short ends; press seam open. Fold the binding strip in half with wrong sides together along length; press. Turn the dome wrong side out and stitch binding to the raw edge of the dome, overlappin­g at the beginning and end. Fold the binding over the raw edge to the right side; topstitch in place close to the edge of the binding as shown in Figure 1. • • • • • • 8" 8" 1/ 1/ 8" 7/ 6. 8" 1/ • • • • • • • Figure 2 7. 3. Fold the light green solid rectangle in half with right sides together to make a 51/2" x 8" double- layered rectangle. Center the marked batting rectangle on top of fabric, placing a pin at center of each drawn leaf to hold layers together. Stitch around the marked outline of each leaf through all layers referring again to Figure 2. Cut out each stitched leaf shape 1/8" from stitched line. Cut a slash in the fabric side of each leaf shape being careful to cut just one layer. Turn each leaf shape right side out through the slash and press edges smooth and flat. Set aside. 8. 9. COMPLETING THE DOME 1. 4. Prepare the template for A using pattern given. Cut and trace the A template seven times onto the fabric stabilizer, floral print and laminated cotton. Join each set of seven to make three domes. 2. 10. 5. 3. 6. Note: Don’t worry if the center point at top is not perfect as this area will be covered with the flowers and leaves. 7. Figure 1 16 Springtime Quilts QUILTER’S WORLD PRESENTS: Mayy 2019

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