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Pick A Bouquet

Pick a Bouquet 5. 10. MAKING THE FLOWERS Thread a needle and knot the end. With small evenly spaced running stitches, stitch near the outer edge of the circle of petals, ending near the first stitch as shown in Figure 6; do not cut the thread. Remove pins. Stitch a button to the center of each flower, pulling opening edges together as necessary to stitch. 1. Using the same leaf template, trace around the template on the wrong side of each 2" x 31/2" print rectangle to trace 15 petals. Cut out along traced lines. Fold one petal in half along the length with wrong sides together and mark the center of the rounded edge with a pin as shown in Figure 3. ADDING THE TOP LOOP 1. Braid the three 10" lengths of heavy pearl cotton or narrow ribbon to form a three-color braid. Thread the braid into the decorator’s needle. Beginning inside the dome, bring the needle up through the top of the dome and then back down into the inside. Tie braid ends together and pull the loop so the knot will be flush with the underside of the dome top as shown in Figure 8. 2. 2. 3. Figure 3 Figure 6 3. Fold another petal in half as in step 2 and place it on top of the first petal, making sure its right tip touches the pin in the center and the rounded edges are aligned as shown in Figure 4. Remove pin from first petal and reinsert through both petals to hold. 6. Gently pull the thread to gather the petals together referring to Figure 7. Note: The stitching will tightly gather the raw outer round edges to form the small center opening while the folded straight edges of the petals will separate to form the outside edge of the flower. Figure 8 4. Apply a few drops of fabric glue to hold the knot in place. Allow glue to dry. COMPLETING THE CAKE DOME 1. Position each flower around the loop; pin to outer dome to hold. Hand-stitch the centers of each flower/button to the outer dome to secure. Figure 4 4. Repeat step 3 with three more petals, placing the right end of the first petal on top of the last petal to make a circle as shown in Figure 5. Figure 7 Note: Hot glue may be added after stitching to secure, if desired. 7. When satisfied with how the petals overlap, take a small stitch to secure the gathering thread, knot and cut the thread. Repeat steps 2–7 to complete a total of three flowers. Assemble cover buttons using the brown solid rectangle referring to manufactur­er’s instructio­ns. 2. Position the leaves with the stitched opening against the dome. Hand-stitch each leaf in place, attaching the back side of the leaf to the outer dome to finish. 8. 9. Note: Stitches should not show on the top side of the leaves. QW Figure 5 18 Springtime Quilts QUILTER’S WORLD PRESENTS: Mayy 2019

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