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Pick A Bouquet : 37 : 37

Pick A Bouquet

A Thrilling Mystery Series from Annie’s! Who killed the gifted quilter? Tracking down a murderer is not a tidy affair ... but reading how a few crafty quilters piece together the clues will have you on the edge of your seat! LessThan F HAL PRICE! code promo with QUILTS A Patchwork Murder will introduce you to Emma Cotton and Kelly Grace as they uncover new clues to their friend’s mysterious unsolved murder. From the very first chapter, you’ll find impossible to put down. You’ll feel as if you’re a part of the Nimble Thimbles quilting group helping to track down a killer. You’ll imagine that you, too, are strolling down the quaint New England streets of Mystic Harbor ... lunching at the Hawthorne House with the local townsfolk ... and helping Emma unravel the first of twelve clues found in an old patchwork quilt. A Patchwork Try the first book in this captivatin­g series exclusivel­y from Annie’s Quilted Mysteries—at less than Murder HALF PRICE! with promo code QUILTS A Patchwork Murder Send for your copy of at the special Introducto­ry Rate of more than the already low price when you use promo code 50% OFF QUILTS. AnniesFict­ionSavings.com To find out more, visit: SZHRL- A

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