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Pick A Bouquet

Pick a Bouquet English Paper Piecing CUTTING THE PIECES and corner of the enclosed paper shape as shown in Figure C. removal later. Trim thread, leaving a 1/4" tail. 1. If not using precut templates, use patterns given to trace the B and C shapes onto paper referring to patterns for number to trace. Carefully cut out each shape. Prepare B and C patch-cutting templates by tracing the B and C shapes onto template material and adding a seam allowance as shown in Figure A. 2. Figure D Figure C 4. 1/4" Prepare all the shapes. Tip Here’s a JOINING THE PREPARED PIECES 4" 1/ 1. Start the thread with the knot on the front side of the patch. This will keep the knot visible in order to easily remove basting after patchwork is complete. Select eight prepared B pieces for one block. Arrange pieces in a circle in a pleasing order. Select two adjacent pieces and layer them right sides together, matching edges to be joined. B 2. Figure A 3. Note: Trace and cut out fabric patches from the appropriat­e fabrics as per patterns using the patchcutti­ng templates. Center and secure one paper shape against the wrong side of a fabric patch as shown in Figure B. Use fabric glue, straight pin or quick basting stitches to hold the paper shape in place. If edges are slightly different in length, match corner points and ease in the difference when whipstitch­ing. Once the paper is removed, any bowing this may cause will relax and fabric will flatten. 2. Fold and finger-press the second edge over the paper as before, this time including the folded-over seam allowance from the first side. Aim for crisp and precise edges and corners. 4. 3. Single-thread a fine hand-sewing needle with a neutral-color thread. Secure end with an overhand knot. At top corner, insert needle under seam allowance and out corner tip of top patch as shown in Figure E. Tip Here’s a Basting stitches should remain within the perimeter of the enclosed paper shape, securing two fabric layers to the paper layer. Figure B PREPARING THE PIECES 1. 3. Single-thread a fine hand-sewing needle with contrastin­g basting thread; knot the end. Fold and finger-press or pinch the first fabric edge over the paper edge. Baste through fabric and paper layers, stopping near the opposite edge Referring to Figure D, continue to fold and finger-press each succeeding edge as before for all remaining edges. Secure basting end with a small backstitch with needle piercing only the top fabric layer, easily visible from front for Figure E 4. Insert needle through lower-layer and upper-layer fabric folds exactly at the corner as shown in Figure F. Note: The needle should catch only 1 or 2 threads at the folded edge of the patch and miss or only barely pierce the enclosed paper edge. Thread 46 Springtime Quilts QUILTER’S WORLD PRESENTS: Mayy 2019

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