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Pick A Bouquet

Pick a Bouquet between stitches will wrap around fabric folded edges in a whipstitch. Secure this corner and the ending corner by taking a second stitch exactly through the center. shapes basted in place until after the appliqué is complete. Unit Make 6 B Figure I Figure F SHIRLEY’S GARDEN TEMPLATES REMOVING THE BASTING & PAPERS 5. Using fairly close stitches (12–14 per inch), continue whipstitch­ing along the edges to be joined. Referring to Figure G, tie off or end stitching at the bottom edge of the pieces by slipping the needle through the final stitch loop before it is pulled tight to anchor. Insert needle under top layer of seam allowance exactly at corner and pull thread up; cut the tail even with the seam allowance edge. 1. After the appliqué is complete, to remove basting work from the front side to first snip off basting knots, then slip final anchoring stitch free; finally, pull basting from each patch. Trim the background away behind the appliquéd section, leaving at least 1/4" of background under the appliqué as shown in Figure J. 6. Shirley’s Garden B 2. 48 from assorted reproducti­on prints Cut 4" 1/ Figure G Shirley’s Garden C 7. Open the stitched unit and finger- press flat as shown in Figure H. Figure J Cut 6 from light gold solid 3. Slip fingers or tweezers under overlappin­g seam allowances to lift paper edge and remove each paper shape as shown in Figure K to finish. Figure H YO QUUR IL R TU OA Y Y W AVAILABLE 8. Continue joining the B pieces to make a ring as shown in Figure I; press lightly. QuiltersWo­rld.com Go to and log in using newsstand code QQ3363 to download templates for easy printing. ScRap - PRECUT PERFECT FABRIC KIT WEB BONUS FRIENDLY PROJECT VIDEO Note: Leave paper AVAILABLEA­VAILABLE AVAILABLE Figure K 47 Springtime Quilts May 2019 QUILTERSWO­RLD. COM

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