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Floral Garden

7. 13. 16. Referring to Figure 5, place a marked G square right sides together on one top corner of the C-F unit and stitch on the marked line; trim seam to 1/4" and press G to the right side. Sew a B-E unit to opposite sides of D as shown in Figure 9 to complete the flower center; press. Sew the flower unit to the leaf/ stem unit to complete one Flower block as shown in Figure 12; press. Flower Center D 4" 1/ Figure 9 G G 14. Join two B-E units and add A to the E ends to complete the flower top as shown in Figure 10; press. Figure 12 17. Repeat steps 10–16 to complete a total of 25 Flower blocks. Figure 5 Flower Top 8. Repeat step 7 on the opposite top corner to complete a stem unit as shown in Figure 6; press. A COMPLETING THE QUILT Refer to the Assembly Diagram as needed to piece the quilt top. Arrange and join five Flower blocks to complete a row; press. Repeat to make a total of five rows referring to the Assembly Diagram for positionin­g of blocks in each row. Join the rows to complete the pieced center; press. Figure 10 Stem Unit Make 25 15. 1. Join the flower center with the flower top to complete the flower unit as shown in Figure 11; press. 4" 1/ G G Flower Unit Figure 6 2. 9. Repeat steps 6–8 to make a total of 25 stem units. Select the following from one bright and one green to complete one Flower block: four B-E units, two B-H units and one each stem unit and D rectangle; select four A squares. Sew a B-H unit to A to make a leaf unit as shown in Figure 7; press. Repeat to make a reverse leaf unit, again referring to Figure 7. 10. Figure 11 J 11. Reverse Unit Leaf Unit Leaf I A Figure 7 12. Sew the leaf units to opposite sides of the stem unit to complete the leaf/stem unit as shown in Figure 8; press. Leaf/ Stem Unit Field of Flowers Assembly Diagram 50" x 50" Figure 8 76 Springtime Quilts QUILTER’S WORLD PRESENTS: Mayy 2019

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