Quilter's World - Springtime Quilts May 2019 : 2019-05-01

Floral Garden : 77 : 77

Floral Garden

Floral Garden 3. 4. 5. Join the I/J strips on the short ends to make one long strip; press. Subcut strip into two each 51/2" x 401/2" I strips and 51/2" x 501/2" J strips. Sew I strips to opposite sides and J strips to the top and bottom of the pieced center to complete the quilt top; press. Create a quilt sandwich referring to Quilting Basics on page 110. Quilt as desired. Bind edges referring to Quilting Basics on page 110 to finish. 6. 7. QW 77 Springtime Quilts May 2019 QUILTERSWO­RLD. COM

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