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Pick A Bouquet

Pick a Bouquet 4. Make a small clip at each side of the overlappin­g petal/center as shown in Figure 4. Stitch the inside half of the petal/center, from clip to clip, to the white solid square, again referring to Figure 4. curving line from one short end to the other as shown in Figure 7. Sunflower Mug Rug Placement Sunflower Mug Rug Placement Figure 7 Diagram Approximat­ely 10" x 8", excluding petals Diagram Approximat­ely 10" x 8", excluding petals 2. Stitch along the drawn line through both layers; trim to leave a 1/4" seam allowance and remove excess gray on front side and excess white on back side to make gray upper and white lower sections as shown in Figure 8. Bluebell Mug Rug Figure 4 5. Layer batting, backing right side up and mug rug top right side down on top with square ends and sides aligned; stitch around the mug rug top piece, leaving a 3" opening on one side referring to Figure 5. 4" 1/ MATERIALS 3" Figure 8 • • Scrap dark blue print 61/2" x 113/4" rectangle each gray tonal and white solid 16" length 1"-wide green bias strip 8" x 12" backing 8" x 12" batting Thread Scrap fusible web Template material Basic sewing tools and supplies 3. Fold the bias strip in half wrong sides together; press. Align the raw edges of the bias strip along the curved edge of the gray section; stitch along the previously stitched seam as shown in Figure 9. • Figure 5 6. Trim backing and batting even with the mug rug top; clip inside corners and curve on the petal/ center end as shown in Figure 6. • • • • • • CUTTING Prepare templates for the flower and leaf shapes using patterns provided. Cut pieces as per instructio­ns. Figure 9 4. Trim seam allowance close to stitching. Turn and press the stitched bias over to cover the stitching and raw seam edges; hand- stitch bottom edge of bias in place as shown in Figure 10. Figure 6 COMPLETING THE BLUEBELL MUG RUG 7. Turn right side out through the opening; open petals and press all edges flat and smooth, turning in opening edges. Hand-stitch opening closed. Quilt as desired to finish. 1. Lay the gray tonal rectangle right side up on the right side of the white solid rectangle and draw a freehand 8. Figure 10 8 Springtime Quilts QUILTER’S WORLD PRESENTS: Mayy 2019

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