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Floral Garden : 82 : 82

Floral Garden

Floral Garden 2. 2. 4. Join the rows to complete one Four-Patch block; press. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to complete a total of 24 Four-Patch blocks. Arrange and pin two prepared leaf pieces to each block unit; stitch through the center of the leaf as shown on the pattern to attach as shown in Figure 14. Join the rows to complete the pieced center; press. Join the I/J strips on the short ends to make one long strip; press. Subcut strip into two each 41/2" x 481/2" I strips and 41/2" x 441/2" J strips. Sew I strips to opposite long sides and J strips to the top and bottom of the pieced center to complete the quilt top; press. Create a quilt sandwich referring to Quilting Basics on page 110. Quilt as desired. Bind edges referring to Quilting Basics on page 110 to finish. 3. 5. COMPLETING THE QUILT 6. Refer to the Assembly Diagram as needed to piece the quilt top. Select and join two each Log Cabin Rose and Four-Patch blocks to make a block unit referring to Figure 13: press. Repeat to make a total of 12 block units. 1. 7. Figure 14 3. 8. 9. Arrange and join three block units to make a row; press. Repeat to make a total of four rows. Block Unit Make 12 QW LIFE IS A BED OF ROSES TEMPLATE Figure 13 YO QUUR IL R TU OA Y Y W AVAILABLE QuiltersWo­rld.com Go to and log in using newsstand code QQ3363 to download templates for easy printing. ScRap - PRECUT PERFECT FABRIC KIT WEB BONUS FRIENDLY PROJECT VIDEO AVAILABLEA­VAILABLE AVAILABLE J I Life Is a Bed of Roses Leaf Cut h s a l S as per instructio­ns Is a Bed of Roses Assembly Life Diagram 44" x 56" 82 Springtime Quilts QUILTER’S WORLD PRESENTS: Mayy 2019

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