Slice of Pie

Make this quick and easy ta­ble top­per in an af­ter­noon. You’ll be amazed at how fast it goes to­gether. It’s a great project to use up your left­over 21/2" strips.

Quilters World - Autumn Colors - - Contents - DE­SIGNED & QUILTED BY CAROLYN S. VAGTS


• 4 (21/2" by fabric width) as­sorted batik pre­cut strips or scrap

21/2" strips longer than

12" to­tal­ing the same length

• 1/3 yard black solid

• 1/2 yard tan batik

• Back­ing to size

• Bat­ting to size

• Thread

• Tem­plate ma­te­rial

• Ba­sic sew­ing tools and sup­plies


Read all in­struc­tions be­fore be­gin­ning this project.

Stitch right sides to­gether us­ing a

1/4" seam al­lowance un­less oth­er­wise spec­i­fied.

Ma­te­ri­als and cut­ting lists as­sume 40" of us­able fabric width.


Pre­pare a tem­plate for A us­ing the full-size pat­tern given.

From 21/2" as­sorted batik pre­cut strips:

• Cut 6 (21/2" x 10") B strips.

• Cut 6 (21/2" x 12") C strips.

From black solid:

• Cut 3 (21/4" by fabric width)

bind­ing strips. From tan batik:

• Cut 1 (61/2" by fabric width) strip. Sub­cut strip into 6 A tri­an­gles

us­ing pre­pared tem­plate. • Cut 3 (21/2" by fabric width) strips. Sub­cut strips into 6 (21/2" x 14")

D strips.


Re­fer to the As­sem­bly Di­a­gram and project photo through­out for po­si­tion­ing of pieces.

1. Cen­ter and stitch a B strip to the 7" edge of an A tri­an­gle as shown in Fig­ure 1a; press seam to­ward B. Trim each end of B even with the an­gled sides of the A tri­an­gle re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 1b. 2. Cen­ter and stitch a C strip to the B side of the A-B unit; press to­ward C. Trim each end of C even with the an­gled sides of the A-B unit.

3. Cen­ter and stitch a D strip to the C side of the A-B-C unit, press seam to­ward D. Trim each end of D to match the an­gled sides of the A-B-C unit to com­plete one tri­an­gle unit.

4. Re­peat steps 1–3 to com­plete a to­tal of six tri­an­gle units.

5. Re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 2, join three tri­an­gle units; press. Re­peat to make a sec­ond pieced unit.

6. Match­ing cen­ter points and strip seams, stitch the two units to­gether to com­plete the top; press seam open.

7. Layer, quilt and bind re­fer­ring to Quilt­ing Basics on page 110. Model was quilted with an allover me­an­der pat­tern.

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