The Hump Jumper, The Puts-It & The But­ton­hole Buster

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The Hump Jumper Set of 2

Here are sev­eral help­ful sewing gad­gets by SN De­signs Co. that you will want to pur­chase. The Hump Jumper solves the frus­tra­tion of stitch­ing over the “hump” and elim­i­nates skipped stitches, stitches of un­even length and bro­ken nee­dles while stitch­ing over thick fab­rics such as denim. The Hump Jumper is pack­aged with two jumpers in two thick­nesses: 1/ 16" for sheer fab­rics and 1/8" for fab­rics like denim.

The Puts-It is a handy tool that can be a third hand for quil­ters to use. The curved and blunt tip will help you to keep fab­ric in place as you sew and is per­fect for stuff­ing small items; the ta­pered nee­dle hole is ideal for in­sert­ing ma­chine nee­dles. The But­ton­hole Buster helps to sew but­ton­holes in awk­ward places such as col­lar bands, waist­bands and bulky fab­rics. It adapts to ei­ther a gen­er­alpur­pose or a but­ton­hole foot 5/8" wide and fea­tures a key­hole open­ing for sewing but­ton shanks.

Avail­able at An­nie’s, The Hump Jumper, $5.99; The Puts-It, $3.99; and The But­ton­hole Buster, $3.99, An­niesCraftS­

The But­ton­hole


The Puts-It

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