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Ev­ery quil­ter needs at least one of these zip­pered bags with in­di­vid­ual stor­age com­part­ments to keep things neat when tot­ing around sup­plies and no­tions.

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• 5/ 8 yard black dot* • 7/ 8 yard mul­ti­col­ored print for outer bag and lin­ing* • 18" x 24" rec­tan­gle fusible fleece* • Thread* • 18" x 64" black vinyl win­dow

screen­ing • 1/4 yard fusible in­ter­fac­ing • 8 (7") col­or­ful ny­lon zip­pers • 32" No. 5 heavy- duty sep­a­rat­ing

plas­tic black zip­per • 21/2 yards 7/ 8"- wide yel­low gros­grain

rib­bon • Freezer paper • Seam sealant • Ba­sic sewing tools and sup­plies


From black dot: • Cut 1 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strip. Sub­cut strip into 2 (21/2" x 11")

han­dle strips. • Cut 2 (11/2" by fab­ric width) strips.

Sub­cut strips into 8 (11/2" x8") A strips. • Cut 21/2"-wide bias strips to to­tal 100"

when joined for bind­ing. From mul­ti­col­ored print: • Cut 1 (24" by fab­ric width) strip.

Sub­cut strip into 2 (18" x 24") rec­tan­gles. From black vinyl win­dow screen­ing: • Cut 8 (8" x 18") rec­tan­gles for in­te­rior bags. From fusible in­ter­fac­ing: • Cut 2 (21/2" x 11") strips.


1. Plac­ing the bag body pat­tern given on folded edge of freezer paper as in­di­cated, trace the pat­tern onto freezer paper. Cut out on traced line and open for com­plete bag tem­plate. 2. Place one 18" x 24" mul­ti­col­ored print rec­tan­gle right side down on a flat sur­face with fusible fleece on top; place the re­main­ing 18" x 24" rec­tan­gle right side up on top of the lay­ers; pin or baste to hold. 3. Quilt as de­sired. Trim to 15" x 221/2". 4. Iron the freezer-paper bag tem­plate shiny side down on one end of the quilted rec­tan­gle and trim to round the edges as shown in Fig­ure 1; re­move and re­peat on the op­po­site end. 5. Fold the trimmed piece in half length­wise match­ing the curved ends to make a 71/2" x 221/2" folded rec­tan­gle; press and crease to mark the cen­ter of each end as shown in Fig­ure 2. Place a pin at each end of the cen­ter crease. 6. Fuse a 21/2" x 11" strip fusible in­ter­fac­ing to the wrong side of each same-size han­dle strip. 7. Fold each fused strip in half with wrong sides to­gether along the length and press to make a cen­ter crease. Un­fold and press each long edge of each strip to­ward the cen­ter crease as shown in Fig­ure 3.

8. Fold the strips in half again along first creased line and top­stitch close to the open long edge to com­plete the han­dles as shown in Fig­ure 4.

9. Pin and stitch one han­dle strip at each end to the right side of the quilted rec­tan­gle 21/4" from each side of the pinned cen­ter as shown in Fig­ure 5.

10. Us­ing a zip­per foot on your ma­chine, sew a length of gros­grain rib­bon to both sides of the 32" sep­a­rat­ing zip­per 1/4" from the zip­per teeth and leav­ing 3/4" of gros­grain rib­bon ex­tend­ing be­yond the ends of the zip­per as shown in Fig­ure 6.

11. Place a nar­row line of seam sealant on the cut ends of the rib­bon.

12. Pin the zip­per/rib­bon right side up to the lin­ing side of the quilted rec­tan­gle even with the edges, start­ing at the cen­ter of one side and end­ing at the cen­ter of the other side as shown in Fig­ure 7.

13. Turn un­der the zip­per tape on the closed end as far as it will go; baste to hold.

14. Be­gin­ning at the zip­per open­ing end and leav­ing the zip­per tape ends loose, baste the pinned edge of the zip­per in place. Unzip and re­peat with the other edge of the zip­per on the op­po­site end of the quilted rec­tan­gle.

15. Join the bias strips to make a long strip; press seams open. Press the bias strip in half with wrong sides to­gether along length to pre­pare bind­ing.

16. Stitch the bind­ing strip with raw edges even with the out­side edges of the quilted rec­tan­gle all around, over­lap­ping at the be­gin­ning and end. Back­stitch over han­dle ends a cou­ple of times to se­cure as shown in Fig­ure 8.

17. Turn the bind­ing to the in­side and hand-stitch in place to com­plete the outer bag, en­clos­ing the zip­per/rib­bon edge in the bind­ing.


1. To com­plete one in­te­rior bag, mark a white chalk line 1" from one 8" edge of a screen­ing rec­tan­gle. 2. Press un­der one 8" edge of an A strip 1/4". 3. Place the un­pressed edge of the A strip right sides to­gether on the screen­ing above the marked line and stitch 1/4" from the edge of A as shown in Fig­ure 9.

4. Press the A strip to the right side and top­stitch the pressed edge and the stitched edge to the screen­ing rec­tan­gle to fin­ish the trim as shown in Fig­ure 10.

5. Lay a 7" zip­per right sides to­gether on the 8" edge with the A trim, plac­ing zip­per pull 3/4" from left edge of bag as shown in Fig­ure 11; pin to hold.

6. Sew 1/4" from the teeth along the zip­per edge. Fold the zip­per up and fin­ger-press; top­stitch close to the edge of the folded screen­ing just be­low the zip­per teeth as shown in Fig­ure 12.

7. Fold the bot­tom of the screen­ing up and place right sides to­gether with the top edge of the zip­per as shown in Fig­ure 13. Stitch 1/4" from the zip­per teeth.

8. Turn right side out. Fold screen­ing up from top of zip­per and fin­ger-press; top­stitch close to the edge of the folded screen­ing just above the zip­per teeth, be­ing care­ful not to stitch through the back layer of screen­ing.

9. Open zip­per. Turn wrong side out. Ar­range bag top, leav­ing 1/2" of screen­ing above the zip­per; pin. Stitch along both side edges us­ing a 1/2" seam al­lowance as shown in Fig­ure 14.

10. Trim any part that’s needed of the zip­per or fab­ric band even with the sides of the bag. Turn bag right side out and close the zip­per.

11. Re­peat steps 1–10 to com­plete a to­tal of eight screen bags, plac­ing the zip­per pull 3/4" from the right edge of bag in step 5 for four bags.

12. Place four zip­pered screen­ing bags with the same zip­per di­rec­tion on one side of the cen­ter of the in­side of the outer bag, over­lap­ping side to side evenly. Re­peat with the re­main­ing

zip­per bags on the op­po­site side of the cen­ter with the screen­ing-bag bot­toms over­lap­ping in the cen­ter of the bag by 3/8" as shown in Fig­ure 15; baste to hold in place.

13. Cover the over­lap­ping bot­toms of the bags with a strip of the gros­grain rib­bon and stitch edges of rib­bon in place, turning each end of the rib­bon un­der to com­plete the project bag as shown in Fig­ure 16.

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