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Pre­pare tem­plates us­ing pat­terns given. Cut as di­rected on each pat­tern and as per in­struc­tions. From blue tonal: • Cut 2 (21/2") B squares. • Cut 1 (21/2" x 51/2") F rec­tan­gle. From green tonal: • Cut 1 (11/2" x 71/2") G strip. From white tonal: • Cut 2 (21/4" x 21/2") D rec­tan­gles. • Cut 1 (11/2" x 51/2") E strip. From gray print: • Cut 1 (21/2" x 51/2") A rec­tan­gle. From red print: • Cut 1 (2" x 21/2") C rec­tan­gle.


1. Hold one yel­low cir­cle with wrong side fac­ing you and fin­ger-press a scant 1/4" hem as you hand-sew a run­ning stitch all around near the fold us­ing dou­bled match­ing thread as shown in Fig­ure 1.

2. Pull the thread to gather the edges to­gether in a cir­cle, us­ing your fingers to pull the hole to the cen­ter as shown in Fig­ure 2. Take the thread to the back; knot and clip thread to com­plete one yo-yo cir­cle. 3. Re­peat steps 1 and 2 to make 10 yo-yo cir­cles. Set aside for later use.


1. Draw a di­ag­o­nal line from cor­ner to cor­ner on the wrong side of each B square.

2. Re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 3, place a marked B square right sides to­gether on each end of A and stitch on the marked lines. Trim 1/4" be­yond stitch­ing line and press B to the right side to com­plete the roof unit.

3. Sew C be­tween two D rec­tan­gles to com­plete the door unit as shown in Fig­ure 4; press. 4. Sew E be­tween the roof unit and the door unit to com­plete the house unit as shown in Fig­ure 5; press.

5. Trace the tree­top shape and a 3/8" x 31/4" rec­tan­gle for tree trunk onto the pa­per side of the fusible web. Cut out, leav­ing a mar­gin around each piece. Fuse the tree­top onto the wrong side of the green tonal and the tree trunk rec­tan­gle to the wrong side of the brown tonal. Cut out on traced lines; re­move pa­per back­ing.

6. Cen­ter and fuse the tree trunk rec­tan­gle on F, align­ing the bot­tom edges as shown in Fig­ure 6. Cen­ter and fuse the tree­top to the top of the tree trunk rec­tan­gle to com­plete the F unit.

7. Sew the F unit to the right edge of the house unit and add G to the bot­tom edge re­fer­ring to the Place­ment Di­a­gram to com­plete the pin­cush­ion top; press.

8. Pin the pin­cush­ion top on the bat­ting and baste to hold.

9. Ma­chine blan­ket-stitch around the tree shapes and quilt as de­sired in re­main­ing areas.

10. Sew the white but­ton to the C piece as a door­knob.

11. Pin the top and back­ing right sides to­gether. Stitch all around, leav­ing a 3" open­ing on one side. Clip cor­ners and turn right side out.

12. Insert cot­ton or polyester stuff­ing to de­sired full­ness.

13. Fold in the open­ing seam al­lowance; hand-stitch open­ing closed.

14. Pin (or use a dot of glue) six yo-yo flow­ers to the G strip; tack the edges down to se­cure.

We all turn to thoughts of our house and yard when spring ar­rives. This pin­cush­ion re­minds me that spring is fresh and clean and bright with col­ors. —Chris Malone

15. Glue the flat head of a pin to the wrong (un­gath­ered) side of a yo-yo as shown in Fig­ure 7; glue a sec­ond yo-yo on the other side of the pin head. If de­sired, tack the edges of the yo-yos to­gether with small stitches or glue to fin­ish. Re­peat with sec­ond flat-head pin.

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