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1. Fold the B strip in half along length and width and crease to mark the cen­ter. Note: If it is hard to see the crease, mark the cen­ter with a wa­ter-erasable pen.

2. Ar­range the black and off-white A pieces along the creased cen­ter, plac­ing one end off-white A piece at each end as shown in Fig­ure 6. Add re­main­ing A pieces.

Note: Ex­cept for end A pieces, all re­main­ing A pieces still have flags at each end.

3. When you are sat­is­fied with the po­si­tion­ing of all A pieces, take a dig­i­tal photo for ref­er­ence as you sew the pieces to­gether.

4. Pick up one end off-white A piece and one A be­side it to sew to­gether. Place the pieces right sides to­gether with the folded-over tip on the out­side edge. Knot the thread and pass the nee­dle through the fab­ric edges of both A pieces, catch­ing a few threads of each piece as shown in Fig­ure 7.

5. Con­tinue stitch­ing in as in step 4 un­til you reach the end of the side; knot the thread. Pick up the next A piece to at­tach to the other side of the end piece and at­tach in the same man­ner, care­fully match­ing the end points as shown in

Fig­ure 8. Note: When you reach a flag, fold it un­der the pieces, out of the way, as you stitch. Af­ter stitch­ing is com­plete, you may trim the ex­cess flag now or as in step 7 to re­duce bulk.

6. Con­tinue to add A pieces, work­ing across the cen­ter row un­til you have joined all the pieces re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 9.

7. When all pieces have been joined, press well, re­move bast­ing stitches and care­fully pop out the card­stock

Hol­i­day Di­a­monds Quilt­ing Di­a­gram

Hol­i­day Di­a­monds Place­ment Di­a­gram 651/ 2" x 12"

Fig­ure 8

Fig­ure 6

Fig­ure 7

Fig­ure 9

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