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Your crush is one tough cookie!

He acts one way around his best buds and the to­tal op­po­site around you — con­fus­ing. Don’t let that get to you, be­cause chances are, he’s shy.The more time you hang, the less he’ll hold back!

Would you say your crush is shy around


Yeah, some­times. Nah, he’s not shy at all!

Does he act dif­fer­ent around you when his friends aren’t


Yes, he does! Yeah,he tries to

act all tough

When he’s sad,does he pre­tend like

he’s not? No, he’s pretty much the same

Keeps you in the dark about the rea­son why. No, not

at all

If he can’t hang out with

you, he:

Have you wit­nessed him geek­ing out over

some­thing? He tends to keep his cool Usu­ally tells you what his other

plans are.

Not all of them

For sure! Does he share all of his se­crets

with you?


Some­times, yes Have you seen his su­per silly side yet?

I wish!

LOL, yes! Is it hard for

him to tell you how he


Not at all!

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