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When you text your BFF back, your mes­sage to her is usu­ally:

A. Only a cou­ple words long. B. Very lengthy.

C. Told through emo­jis.

What’s your re­sponse like when asked about your day?

A. You pretty much just say “fine” B. It’s semi-de­tailed

C. You recap ev­ery­thing

Do your friends tell you all of their juicy se­crets?

A. Some­times. It just de­pends! B. Yes,they know I’ll keep quiet C. No, I ask too many ques­tions

Some­one spread a mean ru­mor about you, so you:

A. De­cide not to say any­thing about it at all. It’ll pass!

B. Don’t hold your feel­ings back. C. Post a meme on­line as a

vis­ual re­sponse.

If you gave your crush a note, itd’ in­clude:

A. A sweet quote that ex­plains

how you feel.

B. Lots of ques­tions.

C. A heart with your names.

Your bud missed an episode of Bunkd’ ! You:

A. Tell her you should watch

it to­gether.

B. Give her the full recap!

C. Give her some clues!

When you’re up­set, the best thing to do is:

A. Keep your­self busy.

B. Vent to some­one.

C. Draw or lis­ten to mu­sic.

Peo­ple close to you would say that you’re:

A. A busy bee!

B. A to­tal sweet­heart! C. Su­per creative!

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