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No Spooky Ingredients Here! Cru­elty- Free, N Non­toxic Hal­loween Makeup for the En­tire Fam­ily

There are many ways you can pre­pare for the ar­rival of a new baby: set up the crib, buy baby clothes, stock up on di­a­pers, you can even read every par­ent­ing book you can find. How­ever, there are some things that you just

can’t pre­pare for… Many new par­ents are aware that a new­born will feed every 1.5- 3 hours at night, for any­where from 20- 45 min­utes at a time. Add some di­a­per changes in there and con­stant burp­ing on top of that and you’re look­ing at very lit­tle sleep. The fact is, many par­ents be­fore you have sur­vived this try­ing time and you will get through it too! These five tips will help you nav­i­gate those first

few months with your new­born

DES­IG­NATE REST TIME I was never one to sleep when my baby slept, but hon­estly, I cher­ished that time when I could get things done and just be by my­self. How­ever, the good news about new­borns is that they nap a lot, so con­sider pick­ing one nap time where you will lay down and close your eyes as well.

HAVE A LOVED ONE OVER I don’t mean for cof­fee, and cer­tainly don’t feel ob­li­gated to tidy up be­fore their ar­rival. In­vite your par­ent, sib­ling or close friend over to hold your baby while you shower and take the op­por­tu­nity to eat a meal with both hands. You’ll feel like a new per­son!

RE­QUEST A MEAL TRAIN Most peo­ple are hon­estly so happy to help you in any way that you need. Re­quest they pick one day a week when they could drop off a home­made meal, not only will this take a lot of weight off of your shoul­ders, but they will know they are con­tribut­ing and help­ing you and your new fam­ily.

GET OUT OF THE HOUSE This might sound like a lot of work, so don’t pres­sure your­self. When­ever the time seems right, the baby is fed, changed and happy, go for a walk to your lo­cal cof­fee shop, get your­self a well- de­served latte and do some win­dow shop­ping. It’s amaz­ing what fresh air and a lit­tle self- love can do.

HAVE YOUR PART­NER HELP If you have a part­ner and you are breast­feed­ing, ask them to help burp or change the baby in the mid­dle of the night so you can get a lit­tle more rest. If you are bot­tle­feed­ing, con­sider al­ter­nat­ing feed­ings, al­low­ing you a few more hours of sleep be­fore you need to wake again. Take com­fort in the fact that mil­lions of par­ents around the world are awake with you at 2 a. m. burp­ing, chang­ing and feed­ing their lit­tle ones, too. Cher­ish this time with your baby as it will pass all too quickly and you’ll soon won­der where the years have gone.

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