Com­pan­ion An­i­mals:

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• Bring them in! Would you want to hang out in a ken­nel in this weather?

• Cre­ate cozy nests for them and en­sure your house stays as warm as pos­si­ble when you’re not home by keep­ing win­dows and cur­tains closed, us­ing draft ex­clud­ers and clos­ing off un­used ar­eas.

• Con­sider pa­ja­mas for cer­tain breeds, se­niors and an­i­mals with skin con­di­tions.

• Make sure they get their ex­er­cise, but be cold- weather savvy. Once the tem­per­a­ture drops be­low 35 º F, it can be­come dan­ger­ous to take do­mes­ti­cated an­i­mals on even rel­a­tively short walks

• Smaller an­i­mals are gen­er­ally more sen­si­tive to the cold but even larger an­i­mals and Arc­tic breeds can be at risk. It’s okay to walk in shal­low snow if your furry friend is fit and wear­ing a coat but reg­u­larly check that their paws aren’t be­com­ing im­pacted with ice and avoid frozen water­ways and ar­eas that may have been salted. Af­ter your walk, wipe down their paws, legs and belly to re­move any salt/ grit they may have picked up as it can cause ill­ness if in­gested.

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