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Why cou­ples fight more dur­ing the hol­i­days

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Ah, the hol­i­days. A time for eat­ing too much food, drink­ing a lit­tle too much wine and be­ing sur­rounded by your loved ones. So why do cou­ples fight more dur­ing the hol­i­days?

While the hol­i­days are a happy time, they can be in­cred­i­bly stress­ful. All that run­ning around vis­it­ing peo­ple, host­ing friends and fam­ily, buy­ing gifts, spend­ing all of your free- time sur­rounded by ex­tended fam­ily mem­bers of whom you quickly grow weary, it’s enough to stress out even the most level- headed in­di­vid­ual. You find your­self without a mo­ment to think about any­thing other than how much there is to do, so nat­u­rally, you take it out on your sig­nif­i­cant other. And for­get about get­ting any time to your­self. There are peo­ple ev­ery­where. All the time. Want to watch TV by your­self ? You’ll be sur­rounded by kids in 0.5 sec­onds. Need to use the bath­room? By the time you’ve sat down, there’s a line of peo­ple wait­ing to get in.

You may find your­self get­ting very short with peo­ple as the hol­i­days con­tinue and you haven’t had any alone time. Ever been sit­ting there sur­rounded by fam­ily and think, “I’d love to be at work,” just to get away from them? We’ve all been there! Given the cir­cum­stances, that’s to be ex­pected. No mat­ter how so­cial you are, be­ing sur­rounded by peo­ple 24/ 7 is ex­haust­ing.

Money is an­other huge con­tribut­ing fac­tor to stress around the hol­i­days. Be­tween buy­ing gifts for your loved ones and throw­ing lav­ish get to­geth­ers for fam­ily and friends, the bills quickly add up.

The hol­i­days can be hard for ev­ery­one and, un­for­tu­nately, cou­ples bare the brunt of it since they are used to vent­ing to one an­other. When both par­ties are stressed to the max, it is nearly im­pos­si­ble to try to al­le­vi­ate the other’s anx­i­eties.

Try to re­mem­ber that ev­ery­one else is feel­ing it, too. Tem­pers are frayed, ev­ery­one is stressed, and slight dif­fer­ences in opin­ion of­ten turn into huge blowouts, this comes with the ter­ri­tory. Try to take a break from ev­ery­one to calm down, take a walk, go to bed early, re­treat to the base­ment and don’t tell any­one where you went, have that ex­tra slice of cake sim­ply be­cause you de­serve it.

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