Help stop the mad­ness with a vote for Tris­tan Shields

Rappahannock News - - COMMENT - FRED SCHAEFER Sper­ryville

One of the lesser, but no less im­por­tant, races that will be on the bal­lot Nov. 7 will be the con­test for Vir­ginia House of Delegates for the 18th District. Rap­pa­han­nock vot­ers should con­sider vot­ing for Demo­crat Tris­tan Shields for no other rea­son than it will help keep the mad­ness that has in­fected our na­tion’s cap­i­tal, specif­i­cally the White House, from spread­ing down to Rich­mond, and from there, con­tam­i­nat­ing the rest of Vir­ginia.

The takeover of the Repub­li­can Party by Donald Trump has unleashed a de­struc­tive ug­li­ness in our pol­i­tics not seen in our life­times, one that seeks to lay waste to our sys­tem of health care; take the vote away from mil­lions of tax­pay­ing cit­i­zens; dis­re­spect the brav­ery of sol­diers who have proven them­selves on the field of battle; ex­tended the reach of politi­cians into the bath­room and the bed­room, and poured gaso­line on the fires of racial and cul­tural di­vi­sion for cheap po­lit­i­cal gain. Truly, Trump and his new Repub­li­can Party trou­bleth their own house.

It would be nice if our in­cum­bent del­e­gate, Repub­li­can Michael We­bert, could be counted on the stand against the worst el­e­ments in his party, but I doubt Mr. We­bert is a John McCain, will­ing to put his coun­try be­fore his party. So the best thing is to vote for Tris­tan Shields from nearby Rix­eyville in Culpeper County. Tris­tan is a young man com­mit­ted to rep­re­sent­ing all the cit­i­zens of his district. In Rich­mond, Tris­tan will work to end un­funded state-im­posed man­dates on coun­ties like Rap­pa­han­nock that drive up our al­ready too high prop­erty taxes. He also sup­ports a twoyear zero-tax on startup busi­nesses to help cre­ate jobs and to ex­pand Med­i­caid us­ing tax­payer money the Repub­li­can con­trolled Gen­eral Assem­bly has re­fused to ac­cept.

On Nov. 7, vote for some­one who will get things done; vote for Tris­tan Shields for House of Delegates.

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