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The con­flict of in­ter­est law­suit against Su­per­vi­sor John Lesin­ski is a dis­tress­ing ex­am­ple of lit­i­ga­tion run amok. At best, it is a big stretch to as­sert that Mr. Lesin­ski’s sup­port for a cell tower and a multi-use trail in the county is driven by the pos­si­bil­ity he might earn how­ever slightly in­creased a com­mis­sion on the sale of the Blue Rock Inn be­cause these projects might en­hance the value of this prop­erty. Could it be that Mr. Lesin­ski, along with so many oth­ers, sup­ports them out of a be­lief that they would be good for the county?

The suit’s other claims strike me as equally strained. To­gether, they take the term friv­o­lous to new depths of ab­sur­dity. But to pur­sue the suit’s pro­posed reme­dies, a spe­cial pros­e­cu­tor and Mr. Lesin­ski's re­moval from of­fice, would turn the county’s ju­di­cial process into a trav­esty. Come on peo­ple, get real.

How can we ex­pect to draw good lead­er­ship into county gov­ern­ment in the fu­ture if we sub­ject our cur­rent lead­ers to this brand of abu­sive lit­i­ga­tion? Not to men­tion po­ten­tially sig­nif­i­cant costs that the case could im­pose on the county and its tax­pay­ers.

The law­suit’s prin­ci­pal claims would be a ma­jor stretch even if Mr. Lesin­ski were the owner of the Blue Rock prop­erty. Those ini­ti­at­ing this lit­i­ga­tion need not look far to find clear ex­am­ples of egre­gious con­flicts of in­ter­est at the high­est lev­els of gov­ern­ment that might aid them in un­der­stand­ing what jus­ti­fies crank­ing up costly ju­di­cial ma­chin­ery and what does not.

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