The Fever

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From time to time a fever sweeps across coun­tries. A fever of sanc­ti­mony, high-minded judge­ment and moral su­pe­ri­or­ity. Peo­ple who catch this fever think they're bet­ter than other peo­ple, es­pe­cially the gen­er­a­tions who came be­fore them.

In Afghanistan these peo­ple are called the Tal­iban. They blow up an­cient Bud­dhist stat­ues be­cause these stat­ues of­fend them. In Revo­lu­tion­ary France these peo­ple were called the Ja­cobins. They de­stroyed the stained glass win­dows of me­dieval churches and smashed cen­turies old stat­ues be­cause these objects of­fended them.

In the 1960’s, the Red Guard sought to re­make China into their own im­age, re­ject­ing the 3,000 year his­tory of China and the cul­ture of ev­ery gen­er­a­tion that had pre­ceded their own. They smashed, burned and ram­paged their way across China, de­stroy­ing the artistry and ar­chi­tec­ture of count­less gen­er­a­tions. The ar­ti­facts and mon­u­ments of the past of­fended them.

Now this fever has spread to our shores. The holier-than-thou are in our streets, de­fac­ing, smash­ing or pulling down stat­ues of Thomas Jef­fer­son, Fran­cis Scott Key, Robert E. Lee and Christopher Columbus.

As with all their pre­de­ces­sors from across con­ti­nents and across time, these stat­ues of­fend them.

Vir­gini­ans are not re­quired to sit idly by to sim­ply watch with dis­may as this ram­page of ni­hilism con­tin­ues. We can rise up to put a stop to it. Vir­gini­ans are bet­ter than the Tal­iban.

On Nov 7th Vir­gini­ans have a clear choice. With the Demo­cratic can­di­date for gov­er­nor the fever rages on. Ed Gille­spie on the other hand, has pledged to honor our his­tory, our mon­u­ments, our her­itage. All of it.

Vir­gini­ans have a long and proud his­tory. Our fam­ily, like any fam­ily, isn't per­fect. But it's ours. Black and white, male and fe­male, Na­tive-Amer­i­can or re­cent im­mi­grant.

We don’t con­demn our an­ces­tors, we ac­cept them as they were, in the full­ness of their hu­man­ity. They are no bet­ter, nor any worse than us.

To para­phrase the scrip­ture, let he who is with­out sin cast the first stone.

A de­ci­sion to not vote on Nov 7th is a vote for the fever to rage on. The far bet­ter op­tion is to vote for Gille­spie, Vo­gel and Adams. This elec­tion re­ally mat­ters.

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