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Steve and I went to vote ‘ab­sen­tee, in per­son’ yes­ter­day at the Regis­trar's Of­fice in Washington. Be­fore we even got close to the Court­house, there was a ter­ri­ble racket from a jack­ham­mer.

Turns out they are tear­ing up the hand­i­capped ac­cess ramp to the Court­house, which is right out­side the door of the Regis­trar's Of­fice. I had to hold my ears to walk to the of­fice and then once inside it was just as loud as out­side.

Be­sides mak­ing it down­right painful to be in the space, it was in­cred­i­bly hard to con­cen­trate on read­ing the two con­sti­tu­tional amend­ments that are on the bal­lot. As aw­ful as it was for me, and the other 160-plus vot­ers who had al­ready been in that day, I can't even be­gin to imag­ine how bad it was for the folks who work in the of­fice. At least I could leave after vot­ing — they had to bear it all day! They can't even wear earplugs be­cause they are try­ing to serve our county's vot­ers.

My ques­tion is, why couldn't that de­mo­li­tion work wait un­til after the election? Would an­other cou­ple of weeks have re­ally mat­tered? This is not a good way to sup­port the county's vot­ers or the process in gen­eral. The peo­ple in the Regis­trar's Of­fice are work­ing very hard and are in the thick of it right now. The tim­ing of this work makes no sense at all. TANYA PAULL Sper­ryville

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