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Real reser­voir tech comes to RC’S might­i­est mon­ster truck

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Reg­u­lar read­ers will re­call that we re­viewed Pro-line’s eye-pop­ping Ul­tra Reser­voir Shocks for scale trucks back in the April 2017 is­sue, and found the reser­voir tech to be as func­tional as it is stylish. Since then, the Pro-line CNC ma­chines haven’t slowed down, and now there’s a sec­ond mem­ber of the Ul­tra Reser­voir fam­ily: the su­per-sized cans you see here, for the Traxxas X-maxx. Un­like the Ul­tra Reser­voir Shocks we re­viewed back in April, which are com­plete dampers with springs, the Ul­tra Reser­voirs for X-maxx in­clude only the caps and reser­voirs; the bod­ies, springs, rod ends, spring perches, and preload collars are car­ried over from your X-maxx’s stock shocks. Here’s how ev­ery­thing goes to­gether, and what to ex­pect when you hit the dirt.


Pro-line dry-fits the reser­voirs to the caps for pack­ag­ing, but you’ll need to dis­as­sem­ble them to in­stall the O-rings and reser­voir in­ter­nals. If you fill the shocks the way Pro-line rec­om­mends in the Youtube video de­tail­ing the assem­bly, you’ll also need to re­move the X-maxx shocks’ seal car­tridges. You can re­use the oil in the X-maxx shocks if it’s still fresh, but you’ll need to add more oil to fill the reser­voirs. For the best build, I rec­om­mend us­ing all-new oil. I also sug­gest lu­bri­cat­ing the O-rings on the caps, reser­voir pis­tons, and bleed screws with seal grease such as Pro-tek R/C Pre­mium Blue for the best per­for­mance. The ma­chined parts fit as pre­cisely as you’d ex­pect, and be­tween the printed in­struc­tions and Pro-line’s assem­bly video, you should be able to breeze through build­ing and fill­ing the shocks. De­pend­ing on the po­si­tion of the reser­voir pis­ton, the shocks can be as­sem­bled for max­i­mum reser­voir ca­pac­ity or min­i­mum in­ter­nal pres­sure. Re­duced in­ter­nal pres­sure is eas­ier on the shock seals, so that’s how I built my shocks. The fi­nal step is re­in­stalling the shocks on the truck. Pro-line sup­plies ma­chined Del­rin pivot balls and wash­ers to fit the caps, and the reser­voir-equipped shocks sim­ply bolt into place like the stock­ers.

The caps and reser­voirs are threaded to­gether in the pack­age, but you’ll need to take them apart to in­stall the in­ter­nal bits.

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