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Length: 420mm, width: 270mm, height: 280mm The Konghead 6x6 is Tamiya’s first ever six-wheeled R/C ve­hi­cle ready to pound dirt, as­phalt lots and neigh­bor­hood streets across the coun­try! This model utilizes a new gear-driven 6WD chas­sis which is par­tially de­rived from the ca­pa­ble Tamiya GF-01 wheelie ma­chine. The ex­cep­tional drive it pro­vides will make for ex­treme fun while off-road driv­ing. Fur­ther­more, its pow­er­ful gear-driven setup al­lows the Konghead to take on slope in­clines of up to 40 de­grees!

The poly­car­bon­ate body, in­spired by Tamiya’s clas­sic Bull­head mon­ster truck, fea­tures a brand-new sticker sheet with cool graph­ics. A host of metal-plated parts in­cludes air clean­ers and ex­haust (both from the Bull­head mon­ster truck), plus chrome-plated deep dish wheel rims. •The 6WD chas­sis em­ploys 3 dif­fer­en­tial gears to trans­mit power from the front-cen­ter-mounted mo­tor to all of the model’s wheels. These dif­fer­en­tials are en­cased in the durable main chas­sis. •6-wheel in­de­pen­dent dou­ble-wish­bone sus­pen­sion is paired with fric­tion dampers. •The kit man­ual build cre­ates a front wheel-steer­ing model. It also in­cludes in­struc­tions to re-assem­ble it into a 4WS model with steer­able rear wheels. NOTE: Seper­ately sold 4WS func­tion trans­mit­ter and R/C equip­ment are re­quired. •Com­pat­i­ble with many GF-01 chas­sis Hop Up Op­tion and spare parts. •Re­quires 2-chan­nel ra­dio with ESC, & 7.2volt bat­tery with charger. •Re­quires Tamiya Poly­car­bon­ate paint to paint the body, sold sep­a­rately.

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