100mph HPI Vorza

RC Car Action - - BUILT FOR SPEED -

This 2010 build wasn’t orig­i­nally des­tined for 100mph; all we wanted to do was see how fast we could go with an HPI Vorza Flux RTR buggy and off-the-shelf parts, which was ex­pected to be about 85mph. The stock speed con­trol al­lowed for 6S power, but a 2650Kv mo­tor re­placed the 2200Kv stocker. Gear­ing was upped, the driv­e­train was re­in­forced, and the diffs tuned for even power dis­tri­bu­tion. The Vorza had more power than trac­tion but eas­ily topped 86mph, with more speed on tap. Why not shoot for 100mph? With the ad­di­tion of Imex foam tires to pre­vent tire bal­loon­ing, the bal­lis­tic buggy did the ton on the El Mi­rage lakebed—com­plete with moon discs on the wheels, like a proper lakester.

There’s a lot of tire spin­ning torque in that mo­tor, and that was used to turn the driv­e­train, with a very large 24-tooth Mod 1 pin­ion gear. This gear was used to get the high­est gear ra­tio pos­si­ble with­out hav­ing to mod­ify the chas­sis. Nor­mally...

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