I headed to my back­yard track to get some laps in with the TLR 22SCT 3.0, and af­ter driv­ing the TLR 22T 3.0 sta­dium truck out there for the pre­vi­ous is­sue of RC Car Ac­tion, I ex­pected the stock setup of my short-course truck to be sim­i­lar. So, like the 22T, I thought for sure that the 22SCT would have a stiff feel and be a lit­tle overly re­spon­sive, but I was com­pletely wrong. The SCT had more of a neu­tral feel, mean­ing that it wasn’t darty or lazy when driv­ing around my track. I’m used to driv­ing rear-mo­tor short-course trucks, and since the weight of the mo­tor is more in­board, I didn’t ex­pect a ton of trac­tion. That went out the win­dow af­ter the first lap, as the 22SCT had pretty good grab straight off the bench. When it came to steer­ing, I felt that the truck was a lit­tle slug­gish in the turns and could use a lit­tle more, es­pe­cially in the tighter sec­tions of the track. While driv­ing down the straight, the front end had a light feel, which didn’t re­ally af­fect how it ran. Since TLR has been ship­ping its ve­hi­cles with a setup geared more to­ward in­door tracks, I was pre­pared to make changes to get my 22SCT di­aled in on my track. I moved the rear hubs in to get more weight over the rear tires and moved the bot­tom of the front shocks in one hole to im­prove the steer­ing feel. Back on the track, rear trac­tion felt much bet­ter and the steer­ing was per­fect. I re­viewed the 2.0 ver­sion of the 22SCT and have it di­aled in to my driv­ing style, so I thought it would be cool to run it back to back with the 3.0 to see just how per­cep­ti­ble the dif­fer­ence in per­for­mance was. Both trucks re­ceived a 2S shorty Lipo and Pro-line Block­ade tires, and I used the same Spek­trum ra­dio to con­trol them. I drove the 22SCT 2.0 first. The 2.0 has great rear trac­tion and good steer­ing, as I re­mem­ber from my time with it on the track. Af­ter mul­ti­ple laps, I shut that truck off and turned on the 3.0 ver­sion. I was blown away at the dif­fer­ence in per­for­mance. The rear trac­tion with the new truck wasn’t as good as the rear mo­tor 2.0 ver­sion, but that’s to be ex­pected when you don’t have as much weight over the rear tires. The 3.0, how­ever, felt much bet­ter in all other areas, which com­pletely made up for the lack of rear trac­tion. It has less of a push and feels more pos­i­tive when turn­ing, the jumps are more level, and it feels “heavy” on the track. I don’t meant that the truck has more weight, but it’s more planted—al­most as if it has a bunch of weights stacked in it.

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