Fric­tion-shock Sus­pen­sion


What the Kong’s shocks lack in ex­cit­ing tech de­tails, they make up for in easy-to­build sim­plic­ity and low main­te­nance (as in none, for most driv­ers). The plas­tic bod­ies hold greased rub­ber sleeves, which pro­vide a lit­tle bit of re­sis­tance (damp­ing) for the shock shafts. There are no seals re­quired since there’s no oil to hold in, which also means there’s noth­ing to leak out. And for this nov­elty/begin­ner truck, they’re all you need—es­pe­cially with the tires pro­vid­ing a lot of “shock ab­sorp­tion” on their own.

The Kong’s chrome air fil­ters and ex­haust stacks are in­jec­tion molded and look fan­tas­tic.

The Konghead has three iden­ti­cal gear dif­fer­en­tials, each equipped with Tamiya’s proven 3-spi­der-gear in­ter­nals and splined drive cups.

11 in. (305mm) 10.6 in. (270mm)

12 in. (286–290mm) 16.5 in. (420mm)

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