The 4-Tec 2.0 comes with either a stan­dard TQ ra­dio or the Blue­tooth-ready

TQI trans­mit­ter, de­pend­ing on which model you get. The 4-Tec VXL chas­sis and Ford GT RTR get the TQI, the brushed-power chas­sis and Mus­tang GT RTR get the plain TQ. Set aside an ex­tra $30 for the Traxxas Link Blue­tooth mod­ule, which in­stalls in ten sec­onds to make your phone or tablet a high-res dis­play and in­ter­face for the TQI via the free Traxxas Link app , avail­able for IOS and An­droid de­vices. You can choose what to as­sign to the ra­dio’s Multi-func­tion knob, set sub-trims and end­points, ad­just “sen­si­tiv­ity” (aka ex­po­nen­tial), and set steer­ing and throt­tle rates. Plus, you can man­age model mem­ory, op­er­ate the Traxxas Drag Tim­ing Sys­tem, dis­play teleme­try data on a vir­tual dash­board… it’s a pow­er­ful sys­tem.

46 The Traxxas Link app con­nects in­stantly for tap-and-slide ad­justa­bil­ity of all the ra­dio’s tun­ing func­tions, model mem­ory, teleme­try, and more.

The Blue­tooth mod­ule plugs into the back of the TQI. It’s the best $30 you’ll spend on a 4-Tec (or any other Tqi-equipped model).

The 4-Tec VXL gets Traxxas Sta­bil­ity Man­age­ment, which comes in very handy when you’re shoot­ing for 70mph. TSM can be di­aled up or down or switched off com­pletely right from the ra­dio.

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