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Scale de­tail, lots of fea­tures, and unique con­struc­tion set the DC-1 apart from the pack

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Metal-gear Driv­e­train

“Strong­est gears in the in­dus­try,” pro­claims Hobao, and the ma­chined-steel gears cer­tainly look stout. They’re packed into a separate trans­mis­sion and trans­fer case, which are joined by a very thick alu­minum shaft. The trans­mis­sion shifts be­tween High and Low by slid­ing a servo-ac­tu­ated drive dog be­tween the 18T and 21T out­put gears for a 15% change in gear ra­tio. Steel Cv-style joints link tele­scop­ing plas­tic shafts to the axles, and ev­ery­thing op­er­ates smoothly out of the box.

Easy-ac­cess Ad­justable Axles

The DC-1 gets solid front and rear axles, of course, each with a steel ring gear mounted to a steel spool—tough stuff. The diff cov­ers are held in place by six screws that in­stall from the front, so it’s easy to get into the axles and slide out the ring gears if needed. The C-hubs slide onto splines, al­low­ing the caster an­gle to be set from 0 to 30 de­grees in 10-de­gree in­cre­ments, and the king­pins are an­gled to im­prove steer­ing ge­om­e­try. Also no­table are the axles’ an­gle out­puts for the cen­ter drive­shafts, which is a no-no on a full-size truck (any dif­fer­ence in the shaft an­gles at the trans­mis­sion and axle will cause vi­bra­tion), but since the DC-1 is op­er­at­ing at low speeds and you’re not sit­ting in­side of it, the ex­tra clear­ance af­forded by the de­sign should out­weigh any vibe is­sues.

27-Turn Brushed Power

Hobao specs a lit­tle more spin for the DC-1 than most other RTR crawlers. In­stead of a 35-turn

(or higher) brushed mo­tor, the truck has a 27-turn pow­er­plant. There’s no speed boost, though; the truck ap­pears well geared to turn the ex­tra rpm into torque. Hobao’s wa­ter­proof speed con­trol is non­ad­justable, other than NIMH and Lipo modes and three throt­tle pro­files: for­ward/brake/re­verse with pro­por­tional brake, for­ward/ re­verse with brake lock­out, and for­ward/re­verse with full brake at neu­tral (which is the factory set­ting).

De­tailed Body & In­te­rior

The DC-1 isn’t mod­eled af­ter any spe­cific 4X4, but it def­i­nitely has strong Mer­cedes G-wa­gen vibes. And con­struc­tion-wise, it’s safe to say Hobao took a long look at the way Traxxas does the TRX-4’S fender wells and flares. Hobao adds a nice in­te­rior to the mix with an in­jec­tion-molded dash and vacu-formed seats. Out­side, you’ll find a snorkel, mir­rors, grille, head­light sur­rounds, wipers, door han­dles, and even door trim all in­stalled as separate plas­tic parts. There are even func­tional head­light and tail­light lenses ready for LEDS.

Ver­sa­tile Steer­ing & Sus­pen­sion Setup

The DC-1 rolls out of the box with a chas­sis-mounted servo, but it can also be mounted on the axle, per a pic­ture on the box—the man­ual doesn’t ad­dress it. Hobao uses a Pan­hard bar setup like other mod­els with the servo on the chas­sis, and the truck’s links are at­trac­tive lathe-turned alu­minum parts. The ge­om­e­try isn’t quite as re­fined as other trucks, though; the axle “walks” right of cen­ter about 5mm at full sus­pen­sion com­pres­sion with a cou­ple of de­grees of bump-steer—we’ll see if it mat­ters on the trail. The shocks are also spun out of alu­minum and have a bit of air in them from the factory since they’re blad­der­less— just give them a few pumps and they smooth right out. The scale-di­am­e­ter alu­minum shocks look good with their gun­metal and blue an­odiz­ing.

AT A GLANCE TYPETrail truckSCALE 1/10DRIV­E­TRAIN 4WDPOWER Elec­tricBUILD RTRPRICE $430 Even with a spare tire, the DC-1 car­ries more than half its weight over the front axle.

The trans­mis­sion and trans­fer case are plas­tic but molded to look like cast al­loy. Hobao isn’t tak­ing any chances with that shaft!

The axles are beefy, but the screws and nuts that se­cure the link mounts are low-hang­ing catch points.

The DC-1’S body­mounted fender flares and wheel wells com­bine with the chas­sis’ side plates to fully en­close the body when mounted.

The in­te­rior is well de­tailed, but the seat backs fall off eas­ily. I just left them off.

The trans­mit­ter has ad­justable steer­ing rate and throt­tle end­points, with dig­i­tal switches for trims and chan­nel re­vers­ing. The sil­ver but­ton on the grip op­er­ates the High/low shift servo.

10 in. (255mm) 9.5 in. (240mm)

12.3 in. (313mm) 22.1 in. (560mm)

The Hobao tires have broad tread blocks and feel like a “medium” com­pound.

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