More Quick Tips


• “You can’t win the race in the first turn,” says ev­ery an­nouncer ever, and they’re right. Don’t be the guy who causes the first-turn pileup, and make sure to avoid the wreck­age when some­one else is “that guy.”

• Let faster driv­ers pass. There’s no point “rac­ing” the guy who is putting you down a lap. Let him pass quickly, so you can fo­cus on your race.

• The jump you make is faster than the one you case. If you can safely dou­ble-sin­gle a triple jump ev­ery time but you wreck on half your at­tempts to triple the whole thing, stick with dou­blesin­gling.

• Don’t lose time on the straight­aways. If you’re blasting waaaay deep into the turn at the end of the straight, you’re los­ing time, not gain­ing it. Brake in time to apex the turn prop­erly.

Con­cen­trate on your race, and let the race di­rec­tor call traf­fic and rough driv­ing.

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