Run Short Wires

RC Car Action - - HOW TO -

Weight and re­sis­tance come with the mo­tor and bat­tery wires in your ve­hi­cle, and you have to find the right bal­ance of re­duced weight and low re­sis­tance to make your power sys­tem and ve­hi­cle as ef­fi­cient as pos­si­ble. Thick wire has the least re­sis­tance but the most weight; thin­ner wire has more re­sis­tance, but its weight is much less. No mat­ter what wire you use, make sure you get them as short as pos­si­ble to cut down on re­sis­tance and weight. A great start­ing point for wiring a power sys­tem is 14 gauge.

The shorter you can get your wires, the bet­ter; they will lighten your ve­hi­cle and will have less re­sis­tance.

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